Corpus Christii – Delusion

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Folter Records
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Released: 2017
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Corpus Christii

Band Line-up:

Nocturnus Horrendus – All instruments, Vocals
J. Goat – Guitars, Bass


1. The Curse Within Time
2. Chamber Soul
3. Become the Wolf
4. I See, I Become
5. Facing Concrete Mountains
6. Seeker of All
7. I Am the Night
8. Near the End
9. Carrier of Black Holes


For a veteran black metaller, Corpus Christii should need no introduction and have long lead the way for the Portuguese black metal scene.

That said, aside from picking up a couple of their releases over the years they are a band I’ve never fully got my teeth into, but none the less, I’m eager to see what they have on offer on ‘Delusion’, their eighth full length album.

The nine tracks on offer provide well-crafted and well-executed orthodox black metal. In fact, the press release for the album pushes this point quoting “Delusion is Black Metal. A journey to the past, the present, the future and what forever represents Black Metal in its core”. When listening you cannot fault this statement either.

Musically the black metal here is much in the vein of the Scandinavian legends from the 90’s and is thoroughly enjoyable, but make no mistake this does not break the mould. There are touches of classic Darkthrone and Gorgoroth mixed with more twisted and discordant patterns that remind me of Deathspell Omega. There’s a good range of vocals from snarls and shouts to some Attila Csihar inspired murmurings.

The album has an overall good production and a firm mastering, clear and crisp allowing each element to shine but keeping a relatively cold and grim edge.

There’s no particular highs or lows on the album although ‘I am the Night’ stands out and is a cracking tune, but I’d recommend ‘The Curse Within Time’ and ‘Become the Wolf’ for a taster as they are both available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Steve Blackwood