Convulse – Cycle Of Revenge

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/Label: Svart Records
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Released: 2016
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1. Cycle Of RevengeConvulse-Cycle-of-Revenge
2. God Is You
3. Pangea
4. Fractured Pieces
5. Nature Of Humankind
6. Everflowing Stream
7. War
8. Into The Void

Band Line Up:

Juha Telenius: Bass
Rami Jämsä: Vocals/Guitar
Rolle Markos: Drums


Finnish death metal stalwarts Convulse return with a brand new album. First emerging on the scene in 1991 with their incendiary debut “World Without God”, the band helped to pioneer the crushingly heavy Finnish sound. Sadly, it seems that age has tempered their rage. Their new offering “Cycle Of Revenge” is a toothless, flaccid affair which seemingly showcases a band running low on ideas.

The album opens promisingly enough with the title track which broods malevolently, with its almost folky flecks of malefic melody. It is solid, but lacks any real ferocity. It is followed by “God Is You”, and shows Convulse veering wildy from their  roots; more of a groove metal approach is attempted here. The riffing is unorthodox, as is the drumming which sounds akin to disco, creating a driving, insistent rhythm. So far, so good. However, at this point the album falls off a cliff. Track three “Pangea”, sounds exactly the same as the previous two tracks, and track four “Fractured Pieces” is anchored by tribal drumming and uninspired riffing. “Nature Of Mankind” offers some hope for improvement with it’s opening riff similar in style to “To Ride…” era Entombed, but sadly the momentum doesn’t last; the main verses sound like an afterthought. “Everflowing Stream” takes a more delicate approach, but is badly let down by the weak Attila-Csihar-cum-Quorthon vocal croaking. Next up is the flabby, flat and fatuous “War”. The album closes with “Into The Void”; yet another interchangable track, indistinct from any other track on the album.

This is an album with few positives. The meaty guitar tone is well produced and Rami Jämsä’s corrosive bellow sounds like a pride of lions roaring in unison. Sadly this is not enough to save the album. The band’s choice to abandon their death metal roots in favour of a groove metal sound was not a shrewd one, and the songs are too samey to stand out on their own. About half way through listening fatigue really sets in, and I found myself almost begging for a bit of variety. Convulse are a band who appear to have lost their way.

Review by Owen Thompson