Conjure One – Exilarch by Alan Chapman

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Conjure One is Rhys Fulber’s solo project and for those who don’t know he is one the founding members of Front Line Assembly and Delerium, plus a very well known producer of the likes of Fear Factory, Rob Zombie etc. For a man who does so much you would think he wouldn’t have the time to spend on such a well-crafted album, maybe it just comes easy to him.

This is an album for chilling to with no hint of his industrial background, much more Delerium than FLA. Ten tracks that wash over you in such a pleasant way, never boring as some chillout or trip hope can easily become.

Each vocalist has been picked to add the icing to this delicious cake. Wish I had this when I was playing my chillout sets at parties would of sat very nicely alongside Banco De Gia.