Confrontation – Aggregat 4

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Chaos records
Released: 2015 
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Band line-up:

Sven Post – Drums, Bass, Guitars
Roy Grimreaper – Vocals


1. Katyusha BM
2. The Great Battle Of The Volga
3. The Six Battles Of Courland
4. V. KG 200 Leonidas Squadron
5. Demyansk Pocket
6. 800mm Schwerer Gustav
7. Panzer-Brigade
8. Aggregat 4


Confrontation is a Dutch band, with only two members. It claims to be a “dark and intense death/doom project with lyrics about exhausting battlefields and the use of frightening military weapons during WWII, which brought a shadow of intimidation, fear and violence”. Marvellous.

This is their first album after a three track EP released about 18 months ago.

First things first, these guys have a very distinctive sound, but the album takes quite a bit of wading through. The first three tracks – ‘Katyusha BM’, ‘The Great Battle Of The Volga’ and ‘The Six Battles Of Courland’ – are very, well, ploddy. A ploddy 4/4 beat. This is entertainingly broken up by the arrival of ‘V. KG 200 Leonidas Squadron’ with its ploddy 3/4 beat. Then it’s back to the plodding for ‘Demyansk Pocke’ and ‘800mm Schwerer Gustav 07’. I completely get the atmosphere they’re trying to create, but for me it didn’t quite work. It’s perfectly good background metal, you know to put on when you’re ironing/doing your tax returns/organising your skull collection (delete as applicable) but to listen to, I found it a bit lackluster, a bit samey. It’s not that it’s not well played, it is, it just feels like they’re holding back.

That is until ‘Panzer-Brigade’, which I think is absolutely cracking. Here the rhythms really start taking on another level and you can hear some truly tight and interesting playing. The atmosphere is no longer boring but intense and intimidating. ‘Aggregat4’ follows on, with a slow and clever intro, broadening to some really interesting themes and some impressive playing.

To be honest, I think there’s a lot of potential here. Had this been a three track EP then I would have rated it much higher. Having good lyrics is definitely often a saving grace of a band, but it’s not enough to make up for the filler tracks in this instance.

In short – this is a debut album with a lot of padding but some excellent moments from a couple of clearly talented musicians who will hopefully mature into something rather special.

Review by Bob Davidson