Common Eider, King Eider – Taaleg Uksur by Ben Spencer

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Pesanta Urfolk
Released: 2014
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CEKE - cover

Band Line up: Unknown

Track listing

1. Uksur
2. As The Soil Rises Up Past Our Bodies
3. Sense of Place
4. Caribou People



Shrouded in mystery, the highly anticipated release of Common Elder, Kinbg Elder combine a subtle array of drone, folk and ambient into a darkly carved whole in their upcoming release Taaleg Uksur. The record that explores themes of nature as a spiritual home as well as its relation to humanity throughout it’s expansive instrumentation.

Unfolding with the eerie sounding ‘Uksur’ the dark lit ambience is met with distant growls that can be faintly heard in the background. The track drifts through in it’s ominous passages that remain illusive from a direct song structure. Instead what is presented with is a sense of focus blurring in and out, highlighting the band’s drive toward atmosphere over direction.

‘As The Soil Rises Up Past Our Bodies’ sweeps across your ears in a similar fashion. The desolate tones drive forward in a bleak procession of images that stretch across a barren landscape in which life appears drained. The vocals offer brief moments of focus but they remain as far off that echoes never divulge too much behind the music’s flickering images.

Closing off with a clean guitar passage, ‘Caribou People’, the most cohesive destination of the record’s journey, the background is coloured with fuzzy effects that weave into the opening minutes before the a second guitar intervenes with a slightly heavier prowess; guiding the listener into the EP’s departure.

This is one of those record’s that can never truly comprehended and as a result some will feel alienated by it’s very form. Those who will salvage any form of appreciation will be those who are able to connect with the sense of feeling that EP offers up. Full of shifting moods and sprawling locations, it is music that is as captivating as it is vast.
I’d recommend it to any listeners who like to embark upon voyages into the unknown.