Combichrist – We Love You by Demitri Levantis

Rating:  3.5/5
Distributor/label: Metropolis Records
Released: March 2014
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Combichrist We Love YouBand line-up:

Andy LaPlegua – Vocals
Joe Letz – Drums Z Marr – Electronics/Percussion
Abbey Nex – Guitar
Tiffany Lowe – Electronics





1. We Were Made To Love You
2. Every Day Is War
3. Can’t Control
4. Satan’s Propaganda
5. Maggots at the Party
6. Denial
7. The Evil In Me
8. Fuck Unicorns
9. Love is a Razorblade
10. From My Cold Dead Hands
11. We Rule The WorldMotherfuckers
12. Retreat Hell (Part 1)
13. Retreat Hell (Part 2)


Any type of electronic and dance related genre, with roots in the political punk rock world, is bound to take its angry rantings about current affairs to the most aggressive level at one point or another. The latest onslaught of aggression which you can jump up and punch the air to is Combichrist’s seventh studio release: WE LOVE YOU.

The title is certainly ironic, with how the opening track ‘We Were Made to Love You’ carries a very nihilistic message and orders the listener to kill themselves. Combichrist have been renowned over the years for having a very black sense of humour and they’ve carried to a new level on WE LOVE YOU. ‘Maggots at the Party’ has a message about the apocalypse which can be summed up as: ‘it’s the end of the world – go nuts!’ With very aggressive synthesisers and extreme metal style drums, the Norwegian aggrotech veterans paint a mental picture of a dystopian world fuelled by hate and street violence.

‘Satan’s Propaganda’ and ‘Denial’ are openly anti-religion and vocalist Andy LePlegua yells for the listener to turn away from dogmatic beliefs and be themselves. Combichrist aren’t just talking about war and the violence plaguing the political landscape right now, they are attacking every level of society. ‘Love is a Razorblade’ could be interpreted as a snarling satire on domestic violence and ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’ laughs at the US attitude towards gun control.

Overall, we have nihilism and a very cynical view of humanity being doomed to failure, put to the most aggressive and punk rock infused form of aggrotech. A very bleak view of the world is painted by these EBM veterans, but they’re showing the positive side of disorder and chaos by writing songs about endless partying and decadence which will lead to a happy demise of life. One very angry and in-your-face release with quite a lot of experimentation which will make you want to dance the night away enjoying the moroseness of modern life.

Review by Demitri Levantis