Combichrist – Making Monsters by Alan Chapman

Out now on – Out Of Line(EU) Metropolis (US)

Combichrist seem to know the secret to becoming a successful in the alt scene, breaking out of the niche that is aggrotec, leaving behind them all those bands trying to be them.

There are two good reasons why this has happened, one every album is more than four to floor dance tracks there is a hell of lot variation going with every release, two they are one hell of a live outfit moving beyond the singer, keyboard and electronic drum set-up which most times leaves you cold.

This outing feels like a consolidation album, a sort of icing on the cake of what has been a very successful year for them, maybe a showcase for all those new fans turned on to them after the Rammstein gigs, not that old fans will be disappointed with this because they are still expanding their sound, still plenty of in your face tracks but this time there are lighter moments, even a nod to Andy’s former band `Icon of Coil`.

Must admit the slow tracks on here are the stand out ones because they feel fresh, something a bit different, but this doesn’t mean you get short changed with any of the other tracks because this album sits well with all their other releases proving once again that a band can be more than one dimensional if it plans it’s changes well and doesn’t leave it’s fans behind.

Got to give them credit for what seems like a very well executed plan for world domination, just taking their time in doing it and it’s paying off.