Combichrist @ at The Electric Ballroom by Sophia Disgrace

4th August 2010

Photography by Altercarnated Photography

Combichrist have reached near legendary status with their individual take on the EBM/Industrial genre. Sure, they look like your usual, run of the mill goth/electro band but their unique, edgy sound puts them head and shoulders above their flamboyantly coiffured counterparts.

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The Electric Ballroom wasn’t exactly packed to the rafters, but a relatively modest sized crowd more than made up for by the fans sheer enthusiasm for the three support bands and of course, the headliners themselves Combichrist.

Dismantled Dismantled20(2) Dismantled20(3)

Dismantled20(4) Rabia20Sorda20(3) Rabia20Sorda
It was around 9.30pm before the headlining band made their big entrance and anticipation which had only been heightened by the support bands.

Every inch the showmen, Combichrist never stepped out of their stage persona belting out such tracks as ‘Scarred’ and ‘Deathbed’ at a frenzied level of intensity.

Rabia20Sorda20(2) System20FX System20FX20(2)
Unlikely front man Anthony LaPlegua, stole the show with his characteristic vocals-part goth and part hardcore in style.

His foreboding frame dominating the stage and as a whole they seemed to be enjoying the gig immensely and this was conveyed in part by the audience’s positive singing response.

System20FX20(3) System20FX20(4) System20FX20(6)

I love Combichrist, not only for their presence but I feel their lyrics are very raw and free of pretence. They aren’t afraid to be genuinely dark rather than rely on a bit of black hair dye and pvc.
They avoid the pit falls most EBM bands fall into-the dreaded moaning/droning atypical goth fodder, hundreds of headlining shows and supporting Rammstein more than reflects this theory.

Closing with, ‘What the fuck is wrong with you people?’
Combichrist left the stage as dramatically as they came on-loud and f*$king proud!