Collision Process – Self-titled EP by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs

Line up:
Adam Cooper – lead vocals
Matt Glover – guitars
Dave Payne – drums
Jon Walters – guitars/vocals
Dan Willett – bass/vocals
Rating: 3.5/5Track listing:

Sleep Now Forever
Breaking Point

They may hail from the West Midlands, but there’s nothing middle-of-the-road about local five-piece Collision Process. In fact, in just a short space of time they appear to have created one-heck of a gravitational pull over crowds, competition officials, and press alike.

What they offer is a crash-course in the simplicity of progressive metal done right. Starting with the cheerily named ‘Sleep Now Forever’ the band’s self-titled EP serves up four tracks which ricochet between melodies, structures, and technicality with an unexpected brutal stamina.


The interplay between lead vocalist Adam Cooper and instrument-wielders Jon Walters and Dan Willett sees the vocals alternate from clean and oh-so-clear to throaty cord-strainers, and then a gooey dual-layered combination of both. Yet, thankfully none of it seems contrived or out of place in a heavier environment.

Closer ‘Divide’ has an intro which hearkens back to earlier Metallica before rapidly morphing into something more finger-twiddly. There’s a more pronounced groove on display here, and as in other tracks ‘Breaking Point’ and ‘Revelations’ there’s plenty to get you riled up come a live show.

From end-to-end, Collision Process is an impressive package, and an even more impressive band, given their fledgling status. In the wrong hands progressive metal can seem as accessible as scaling a 50-foot wall with iceblocks at the ends of your limbs, but Collision Process manage to offer depth without giving the listener the opportunity to drown themselves.

If their first full-length album continues on this path, Collision Process could be on a collision-course with bigger and better things. Best shield yourself on impact – you may be hit by low-flying riffage.