Coheed & Cambria – Year Of The Black Rainbow by Alan Chapman

Out now on Roadrunner Records

I have always thought of Coheed & Cambria as a modern day Rush.
Maybe it has something to do with his voice, but definitely the music and the way it has an unique prog feel to it.

They just needed to release album that was as complete as a Rush and I would be a happy man and well they have done it!
Not one duff track on here, but all their trade mark and  time signatures andt this time every track is accessible.

It’s like they have grown up, leant they trade and applying what they know to just making the best album they could. Maybe this time they have nothing to prove and in doing so have proved how good they can truly be.

So if you thought C & C were a little to high brow for you, this is the album to change your mind.