Code – Augur Nox Review by AWG

Rating: 4.5
Distributor/label: Agonia Records
Released: 2013

Band line-up:
Aort – Guitars
Andras – Guitars
LORDt – Drums
Syhr – Bass
Wacian – Vocals

1. Black Rumination
2. Becoming Host
3. Ecdysis
4. Glimlight Tourist
5. Dx
6. Garden Chancery
7. The Lazarus Chord
8. The Shrike Screw
9. Rx
10. Trace of God
11. Harmonies in Cloud
12. White Triptych

Code formed under rain soaked London skies in 2002 by Aort and Kvohst. The aim: simply to deliver their own take on black metal as they wanted to hear it. The collaboration yielded the elusive “Neurotransmission” promo CD which was released that same year and secured the band a deal with Spikefarm Records.

2013 see’s the return of Code with the release of AUGOR NOX the bands brand new album featuring the brand new line up, so this should be a brand new chapter and with this in mind the band have exploded bring a fresh approach to their music and goals, to start you just need to look at the titles of each track to know that the band mean business and with the album being Mixed and Mastered at the Orgone studios in London UK where the great such have (Ghost, Cathedral and Ulver) have laid down some very impressive music, Augor Nox is a very real album filled with passion and pure musical talent.

The First track “Black Rumination” makes sure that you are going to experience the full force of the band with a no holds barred thunderous intro from the drums, before the explosion of shear guitar, bass and vocals slams you backwards, your body is about to experience full and complete shock as it is smashed from side to side.. You will want more after hearing this album.

Code state that they are a black metal band, but I would say they are much more then that, the music contains many influences and there is some Doom Metal present as well. “Becoming Host” has a completely different feel and was not what I was expecting to hear so soon into the album, it is a very jumbled sound as everything flows almost against it’s self, but in a very strange way it works very well and is very thought out “CODE” are a very talent band, each track has it’s own Identity and “Grim Light Tourist” is another great example of this as the talent from all the band members is allowed to shine through.

One of the tracks which is outstanding to me is “The Shrike Screw”, this track stands out far above the rest for two simple reasons 1: The riffs and blends and 2 the vocal range tops the scales as the song unfolds to tell a story, that takes your mind off to a very strange world. “Harmonies of Cloud” offers a very peaceful yet almost a death like feeling that shadows over you like the Reaper himself, I had a very cold shiver running down my spine during the song and it took a while before it subsided as well.

AUGOR NOX is an album that will appeal to black metal/gothic and doom metal fans and I recommend this one for your collection!