A new dawn for the alternative scene starts from 10th July!

Two legends of the London alternative nightlife have joint forces and will soon bring back those long nights where PVC, lace, chains dance together: from 10th July “Reptile” will take place at Electrowerkz, the city’s longest-running alternative venue.


After 6 years at Kolis, in Camden and Archway, the club night will be moved to the Angel venue from the 10th of July. The two separate dancefloors will allow the DJs to play more music in line with the spirit of the event.

But the alternative community is tight and despite the change of venue, people are always put first.
This is the bittersweet goodbye to the Nightclub Kolis shared on Reptile’s Facebook page.

It is with regret and immense gratitude that we say goodbye to Nightclub Kolis. Koli and the wonderful bar and door staff looked after us for 6 years and made us feel very much at home, both in Camden and Archway.

A new era for the major players of the underground scene, that we can’t wait to see unfold.

More info about the event here

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