Club Anti-Christ, Feature.

Club Anti-Christ is an alternative/fetish club located in Vauxhall, South London.
The labyrinthine Colosseum venue features, amongst it’s ten rooms a fully equipped Fetish room, a couples’ room, and music/performance stage.

With an array of acts that range from burlesque to comedy the club provides a wide array of entertainment catering to many tastes from Fetish to performance art.
There’s also a traditional club room playing a cross section of Industrial, Gothic, 80s Metal and alternative anthems.
Complimenting all this is a live music room that this month featured wide ranging acts with Joe Black compering in between, knitting the proceedings together like a true ringmaster of the dark bringing his brand of cabaret to the proceedings.
Coming to the main acts, of note is Alter Red; a Circus-esque EBM/Synth act, whose flamboyant, conceptual and theatrical performance featured an array of surreal characters, set to a back-drop of creepy circus electro.
As a one of the most original and energetic new live acts playing in the UK at the moment they truly thrill and enchant the crowd with their brand of performance art and music.

Rasp Thorne & The Briars are an eclectic mix of goth, experimental, punk with Nick Cave-esque overtones, are an interesting troupe bringing their own unique brand of music to the event, swaggering through their set with suitable kooky aplomb.
A highly unique act who are brave enough to forge their own creative path and a band to watch out for.
William Control headlines the proceedings, serving up his own brand of electro goth that merges all you liked about the 80’s with a modern sound.
Oozing charisma and stage presence he is a worthy end to the night of live music and has the crowd in the palm of his hand with his energetic and well-choreographed stage performance.
With the lovely crowd; who were only happy to watch!
If you haven’t already seen these performers, then be sure to catch them as soon as you can as these are not to be missed!
All in all Club Anti-Christ is a feast for the darker senses, providing enough varied entertainment to keep even those with short attention spans well occupied with an assault on the senses.

Regular frolickers of AC pull out all the stops to look fantastically filthy and on one event, there was a religious twist, and I soon lost track of how many clergymen and saucy nuns I saw throughout the night! With ten rooms (including the two smoking areas, which was quite cheeky to include in the room count in my opinion) to wander in and out of, featuring the ever- popular couples’ room (yep, I had a peek- I had no idea where to look) and what could be considered at the heart of the club; The Theatre of Sins, where the nights’ entertainment took place.
ac index_clip_image004_0000
After the eye-opening Dungeon Demo from Miss Rebekka Raynor (That place just got better and better as the night went on, although I did feel a little like a spectator at some twisted kind of zoo most of the time), the beautiful people Missa, Candice, Tainted Lover and Raven’s Sin entertained us in what I can only assume was the majority of the club-goers’ favourite manner- with teasing, frivolity, sexy tricks, sordid behaviour and general nakedness!

From straight forward strip teases with a little twist to more adventurous acts, Satan’s Strip Show, as they are collectively known, was an excellent way in which to get us all warmed up for the naughtiness of the night!
Generation Graveyard, who are quite clearly Motley Crue fans judging from their wardrobe and style of music, were a little bit of a disappointment. I can be a bit of a music snob, however, so I turned to my fellow music lover friend for a second opinion…. He disliked them as well. However, I can see their appeal and their fun but heavy grinding tunes had us all bouncing and sometimes head banging. Nothing to write home about though… unfortunately.
ac index_clip_image006
Now, I will admit; in between acts, my friend and I went off to smoke, and more often than not we ended up talking to people outside. Then, what with the Colluseum being a bit of a maze (we got so badly lost so many times), we ended up missing a couple of acts. I was very disappointed. So, unfortunately The DIY Shibari Guy, The Unnholy Communion and the Johnny Strange Freakshow will not feature in this review. I’m gutted I missed them. I should not smoke so much.

We expected the bands to improve, but I’m afraid to say they didn’t. Despite a few people next to us gushing away at how amazing Maleficent, the next act we caught, were and how excited they were about seeing them again. So, on rolls the band; a five piece, who all appear mentally or physically unwell, featuring a fucked up ballerina- think Black Swan on Heroin- on the vocals, a man who seemed to lose the use of his legs also on vocals, a very pale/ slightly green looking man on guitar, who was more focused on staring at us all in a strange manner than playing guitar (I think he strummed a chord approximately seven times during the whole set), and the poor bassist has his mouth taped over with duct tape during the whole thing! Maybe he had really bad breath. I didn’t even notice the drummer, there was far too much going on up front to notice him. Sorry.
ac index_clip_image008
The music was a kind of fucked up, poorly orchestrated industrial variant that, in all honesty, neither of us enjoyed.

I love good Industrial music (after Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Black Metal) and Maleficent, a little like Generation Graveyard, seem far too focused on image, and subsequently in both cases, the music has suffered terribly.
ac index_clip_image010
Onto the next act we caught- Uberbyte! First impressions? Chavs attempting to replicate Kraftwerk and Gary Numan. Lasting impressions? Pretty much the same. The music was awfully dull, in my opinion; having said that, they got everyone moving their platform-clad feet, and that was a sight to behold. It was great to see everyone having such a good time at this club, even the other kind of good time that was witnessed in the Couples’ Room (those images will NEVER escape my brain, but I don’t really mind?) and I have to say it was full of the friendliest people I think I will ever meet in a club.
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The atmosphere was relaxed, the drinks were very reasonably priced (including a happy hour before 11pm, woo! Bottle of beer and shot of whiskey, on the double) and the music was superb; we had a great time dancing to the tunes in the PureFuckingIndustrial room and the Hellfire Room, and the blends of music were fantastic, perfectly suited to the level of drunkenness we had reached at just the right time; Firestarter by Prodigy was unleashed upon us just when I felt like I could dance just like Liam Howlett. Especially in my 6 inch platforms. I have a feeling I looked nothing like him.
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Sweets being dished out throughout the night, efficient (and plenty of) bar staff, very helpful security staff (apart from during an incident I witnessed in the smoking area where one womans’ dignity was compromised as she writhed around on the floor, clearly suffering from a bad turn on some sort of substance; the two staff who eventually came to her aide stood over her, looking at her, for what seemed like far too long, before taking any action. Which was to leave her to it. I was a little disgusted to be honest), excellent outfits worn by all, a great showcasing of performances and DJs… Club AC had it all this time round, and I cannot wait for the next one to come round. What? Another 2 months to wait! Gutted.