Circle – Incarnation by Jo Blackened

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Ektro
Band Website:

Band line-up:
Rami Simelius
Ville Valavuo
Tommi Sookari
Markus Hietamies
Jussi Rajala

1. Incarnation
2. Infamy
3. Transcending
4. Bloodstreams
5. Burden

The past and previously long discography of the Death Metal band CIRCLE, which first started back in 1994, is certainly a vast one and this is one band that is known for their loud teeth-gnashing noise and this album is no different!

With various member changes over the years, the band has stayed strong and have set their roots deep in the modern Finnish Death Metal underground scene.

The album starts with a calming drone like sound, before the beats of the drum can be heard with the other instruments in the background, until the sound of the deep growls kicking the album into a furious start.

There is a lot going on here, but their sound is great and really brutal and combines together perfectly. ‘CIRCLE’ certainly aren’t just another death metal band but have their own unique sound, having great catchy riffs throughout and stand proud on their own take to this genre.

There is a furious darkness in their tracks with unique textures and tempos showing they aren’t afraid to experiment and stand out with the result being a positive one!

There are only 5 tracks to this album, but with them being between 6- 11 minutes long it’s great to hear such versatility. With track 4. being only an aggressive 1.45min long, it breaks the album up great, before ending on track 5 ‘Burden’ which stands out from the other tracks and has a punk like feel to it, but all the songs have their own individuality and uniqueness to them.

This is a really great album and shows you can be experimental in death metal and stand out in such a popular genre, certainly an album worth checking out!