Christopher Bissonnette reveals “Entanglements” from his third album, Essays In Idleness

Christopher Bissonnette reveals “Entanglements” from his third album, Essays In Idleness

The third album from Canadian composer Christopher Bissonnette sees him expanding his palette by narrowing his sound sources to a self built analog synthesiser. Eschewing the whiplash and/or everything including the kitchen sink style of assembly so common among current analog aficionados, Bissonnette instead applies his signature compositional style of using long held tones and sweeping drones that alternate between, and fuse, pure tonal transcendence and patient, sparkling melodies that slowly reveal themselves.

Christopher Bissonnette comments…Essays in Idleness was born from a desire for a more tactile approach to sound generation. With a limited number of sound sources, the process encouraged more focused examination of the available range of choices…he continues….”The album is a series of experiments subsequent to a period of deep reflection on my working process. This sequence of tracks is the culmination of two years of intense exploration with the intention of allowing the medium to have a more profound affect on the outcome, the methodology allowing chance, risk and error to play a greater role. Some of the studies focus on a generative process, allowing the composition to build upon itself, while others are constructed from more complex textures and compositional fragments that shift and modulate organically.”
Kranky are releasing Essays In Idleness on 7th April in CD, LP and DL formats.
“The whole thing cries out for your attention in a way that ambient isn’t supposed to–making this a more challenging and wonderful album because of it.” – XLR8R

“There are symphonic traces here, but they’re more erasures and reflections, residual phenomena lingering in the corners or just imagined due to the vagueness of his shadowy rustles.” – DUSTED

“Awash in sound overflow and muted awe, In Between Words is a record that makes me want to abandon language entirely.” – TINY MIX TAPES

“Bissonnette makes silence his most effective instrument by giving each sound splash a near empty canvas on which to occur and dissipate.” – ALL MUSIC