Chinwag with Triosphere

I fight my way backstage after getting an almost indecipherable call from Ida, I’m there to have a chat with her and the rest of Triosphere about just exactly why they’re one of Norway’s best kept secrets!
AM: How was that for you?
Ida: It was great! Tight space on stage, but a little more difficult to do our thing, but always awesome to be onstage!
AM: Is this your first time in the UK?
Ida: Yes, we had our first show in a place called Dudley (cue groans from all around the room, including myself). We’re very eager to tour here at all.

AM: You’re with Sonata now until…
Marius: 1st April…we have two more here, and then we go back to Germany and The Netherlands.

AM: You’re pretty busy, because after that in May…you’re in with Crimson Glory.
Ida: *quiet squeal* That’s more in Germany, Switzerland, Italy…

AM: You’ve been around for quite a while. How come you’re so low key, considering you’ve been around with Arch Enemy, Destruction, WASP…
Marius: The first record was released on a small label, so we had to build up from there. Now that the second record is out on a bigger label, stuff has just started to happen. We started doing really well in Norway…we started touring Europe with Kamelot, WASP and Dio and we just felt the distribution wasn’t really working. We needed a bigger and better label.

AM: How did you get from Norwegian only release of Onwards to worldwide?
Ida: Onwards was released in a collaboration with Plastic Head, it was very limited and didn’t work too well. We’ve been trying to build and taking care of all the connections we possibly could.
Marius: We were touring with Destruction, and their main man Schmier, he got us on to AFM which is where they were at the time. He wanted us to be label mates!

AM:What are you guys up to for the rest of the summer? Hitting any of the festivals?
Marius: We’re doing Wacken, and the Female Metal Voices Fest in Belgium…and a few other festivals before we’ll go back and start working on new material. We’ve started writing, but we haven’t actually got to the point where we’re ready to record.

AM: Going back all the way to 2004, how did you guys get together? Let’s hear the full story!
Ida: Well, I’ll give you the speed version. Me and Marius, just by chance worked together on a thrash metal project which was really cool and we decided we wanted to form a band of our own…before I met him I’d been singer with our drummer for ten or eleven years, so it was quite natural to ask him to join in. Everything just went really well, we came together after just a few days and we started rehearsing songs that he (points to Marius) had written. Before we knew it, we’d done a demo which we sent to that Norwegian label…who picked it up quickly. We just kept on writing material…and went to the studio in 2006. We contacted Tor, our other guitarist…

AM: You still feel like the new boy in the band, after 5 years?
Triosphere: *laughing*
Tor: No…sometimes because people asked why I wasn’t on the first…
Marius: But it’s like why Ron Wood is always the new guy in the Rolling Stones, even though he’s been there 40 years!

AM: You’re from Trondheim, which is most famous for Keep of Kalessin, and some guy who won the Norweigan version of Pop Idol.
Marius: The guy who won that isn’t from Trondheim, he’s actually from Bergen.
Whether this is just damage control or not, I have no idea. Let’s face it, no one wants to be linked to Pop Idol, least of all a Norwegian metal band!
Markus: Keep of Kalessin I knew before, they’re actually really good friends of ours. To your previous question, the thrash metal project…that was my project put together with those guys. Their drummer actually introduced me to Ida.

AM: Did that ever see the light of day?
Marius: We did a few gigs and record an EP…but nothing really happened. We still have the band, but we don’t really have the time.

AM: So, support bands get a fair bit of free time…what do you guys get up to?
Ida: Well, I have a lot of stuff going on at school…I’m studying law, for me it’s not even a question…it’s just work!

AM : So when the boys get into trouble you can bail them out?
Ida: Exactly, haha! *rest of Triosphere look around guiltily*

AM: And the guys?
Marius: We try to get out as much as we can, we try and get to know the rest of the bands, so we hang out a lot with them. Labyrinth are really great guys

AM: Any rivalry between you and the Finnish?
Marius: Drinking contests!

AM: Who wins?
Marius: Well…they do!
Ørjan: I think we’re going bowling on the next day off.
Ida: You really should mention your photography, Ørjan!
Ørjan: I’m an amateur! It’s just the band site, I don’t have a personal one yet.
Ida: He’s our link to the outside. Sometimes we stay inside the venue…and we’d been playing in Lyons and he disappeared. He came back and said “I found a giraffe! And a panther!”

AM: It keeps you sane on the road, then.
Marius: We always try to have a look around the city we’re in, but we’ve not had time today sadly.

AM: What’s the big dream, then?
Ida: Well, we know we have to take it bit by bit. The way the music scene is now I don’t think you’ll ever wake up one morning and you’ll be huge. I think our ambition are of course to do this, and to pay bills at the same time! We want a chance to play cool concerts and meet a lot of people.

AM: The new record has a very positive message, compared to the thrashier sound of the debut.
Marius: Life’s been better the last couple of years! We’ve been touring a lot and you just end up writing more positive stuff, you gotta write what comes naturally.

AM: So when you get even bigger, the next one’s going to be about unicorns and rainbows then?
At that suggestion, I was promptly thrown out of the band’s dressing room for implying they’d turn into tree-hugging pixies. You can check out their new album, The Road Less Travelled, now on AFM Records