Chinwag with New York Dj Ian fford

How do you go from a small gay bar in New Yorks East Village to Ancient Egypt in 0.5 seconds? Chat to Ian Fford.

Explain Yourself, Ian Fford?

Here’s my take on things, the short version anyway… I see music as a fundamental binding force of The Universe. Music cuts across boundaries and is limitless in its ability connect you to higher awareness, so I believe that as a DJ, my job is to promote an emotional release for all those on my dance floor.

Now… my favorite Icon is Anubis, an Egyptian deity whose mythology attributes him with unlimited compassion for mankind and the keys to all doors and knowledge. He is the king of strange connections, and I vibe with that. It enables me to find the commonality across seemingly disparate musical styles to bring a unique energy to my performances.

In the beginning, there was…?
Well, my New York experience began at two small venues, The Bar (a small gay bar in The East Village) and The Vault (a fetish club on the West Side). A few months later I was given a guest appearance at Webster Hall, which became a residency for about four years. I played every room at certain points, playing everything from House and Techno to Rock and Disco. I always manage to have an underground flavor, with well-timed surprises thrown in for good measure.

In March of 1997 I took over the main floor of The Bank, NYC’s legendary haven for Industrial, EBM, Gothic, New Wave, Synthpop and all things from the Dark Underground. In the two plus years at The Bank, the weekly crowds double, swelling to near and sometimes over capacity. The Bank was eventually sold, and the party Albion joined forces with Batcave, then on hiatus, forging an alliance that lasted through late 2006.

During this time I also promoted my own party, Electra-City, for three years at The Pyramid. Multiple guest appearances around the country and in Europe have rounded out my performance experience. Ive been a featured guest at some really cool shows, including:-
George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars, Shannon, Apoptygma Berzerk, Boy George, The Henry Rollins Band, DJ X-Dream, The Crüxshadows, VNV Nation, Wolfsheim, Danzig, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and more. I played for Amnesty Internationals 2000 event featuring Patrick Stewart, Bill Clintons 1996 Campaign Kick-Off, the Internet Awards 2001, The Human League Concert at BB Kings in 2007. PC Expo, several high-profile fashion shows and Comedy Central Events. I spin the annual Witches Ball, and was resident at Club 2686 (formerly Luxe) with my dj set live broadcast on WLIR FM from March 2003 to March 2004

And these days…?
More recently I have opened and/or closed for Hex Hector, Rob Leslie, and Junior Vasquez. I have a residency at Splash Bar, my DarkNyC project kicks off soon, adding to my Thrive Party in Long Island and regular guest spots around the region.

Current Residencies:
The Dark NYC
Splash Bar
The New York City Witches’ Ball (annual)

Past Residencies:
Albion aka the Bat Cave (1997-2006)
Nocturne (Philadelphia) 1998 – 2001)
Electra-City (1999 to 2005)
Core & Club 2686 (2002 – 2005) Live Broadcast on 92.7 WLIR FM
Webster Hall, Marlin Room (1995-2001)

Guest Appearances:
Thrive Party 1/09
Sin-Fest @ Club Hell, 10/2008
Headlining Blacksun Festival in March 2008
BYTE Jan 20th, 2008
Club Evolution, Southend, U.K. (4/2008)
Sedition @ Mass, Brixton, U.K. (4/2008)
Opening for Hex Hector (3/2008, 5/2008, 6/2008 , 8/2008, 1/2009)
SMACK! 12 year anniversary
Endless Night Halloween @ Element 10/31/07 with Hex Hector 1/26/08
With Junior Vasquez @ Splash Bar, 8/07 & 9/07
Dark Star Festival 11/07
SMACK! Sex Mutants 10/06
Rock Party! Starland Ballroom, 4/2006
Closing for Hex Hector, October 2007
Opening for Frankie Knuckes, Martin Luther King Day 2006, NYC
Evilution at QXT’s, Newark NJ, 2/08, 8/08, 1/09, 8/2007, 3/2008, 8/2008
Axis Lounge, Carlestadt, NJ
Crüxshadows Concert NYC (my event), 2/22/2007
Dracula’s Ball Philadelphia, 8/2007 and 6/2005
Halloween Revolution, Gypsy Tea Co NYC
Hair and Fashion show, Webster Hall NYC 2001
George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars concert, 2000
Core with Boy George & DJ Dezrock
Avalon, New York City (2006)
Wolfsheim Concert, NYC (2005)
Apoptygma Berzerk Concert, NYC (2003)
VNV Nation Concert, NYC, (2002)
Temple Bar, Stamford, CT (2006)
Bar Sinister, Los Angeles, CA (2003)
Club New York, New York City (2003)
The Slimelight, London, U.K. (2002, 2003, 2004)
The Electric Ballroom, Camden town, London
Gossips, London, U.K.
The World, Times Square, New York City, 2002
B.B. Kings, New York City, six times and counting
Axis, Boston, MA (2003)
Club Hell, Providence, Rhode Island (monthly from 2001 to present)
Club Laga, Pittsburgh, PA (2001)
Divas Nightclub, Northampton, MA Multiple Appearances
An Tua Nua Boston, MA (2003)
Club Manhattan, Salt Lake City, UT
Amnesty International, NYC
Bill Clintons Campaign Kickoff, NYC (1996)

Loads more info about Ian on his Altopedia page