Ceremony – Rohnert Park by Alan Chapman

Out Now on – Bridge Nine Records (UK)

With the upswing in club nights paying homage to eighties rock/metal with what I consider the worst parts namely cock-rock, it’s good to see bands not following trend but aiming our ears towards the better parts.

Cerermony take us back to the roots of hardcore punk with their third album and what a great effort it is too, from the opening track which even spits they are sick of those eighties HC bands, you understand this is more than mere homage but the real deal, understanding that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to punk.

Maybe this is the kick up the arse the scene needs, a band willing to challenge by looking back to the roots I know sounds strange but sometimes the gloss and bullshit needs to be stripped back the reveal the real deal.

This album will give lots of people something to think about.