Cancelled – Tenebrific

Rating: 3/5
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Marc Bourgon – Bass, Programmed Drums, Synth, Voice


1. Restitution
2. Head Over Handlebars
3. Social Impressment


Cancelled is the one man project launched by the owner, creator and founder of Cancelled in Marc Bourgon who you may know from the Canadian pounding grindy sludge band Greber. He has created three tracks of interesting doomy, bassy, electro ambience quite removed from his past recordings. Whilst Greber was a complete barrage of force, Cancelled brings a much more varied type of substance, emotive, destructive and oh so bassy.

‘Tenebrific’ opens up with ‘Restitution’ and we get a very explorative electro whine that gets some extra sonic oomph provided by the resonant bass lines and slow but commanding drums. The vocals are aggressive. There’s a lot going rather awry for out protagonist in this story. The chorus is more of a plea rather than a declaraton of angst. It is a very dark and lonely sort of ambience that is produced in this track. The second track is very Dave Gilmour-esque at the beginning with as a high and emotive voice calling upwards before the song opens up. The synths provide a backing of a calming resolve yet with more aggressive vocals commanding over this. A very sobering song one which has shifted the dynamic on the reording so far.

The third and final track ‘Soial Impressment’ is cut from the same ilk as the opener. Dominated by a similarly paced bass line, yet much more dominating in the fuller soundscape. The effects are used like a breeze to accompany the pounding rain of the bass. Again we have the domineering angst riddled vocals but this track has more to it. The keyboard notes which are introduced toward the end of the track bring a more harrowing sound to the fold and, when accompanied by the other elements, we get a progressively powerful sound which ends the EP.

Whilst being only three tracks and under fourteen minutes long, Cancelled’s ‘Tenebrific’ packs plenty of seismic force and third eye opening ambience. The culture of noise has led us down some rather aloof planes and this three track EP has certainly added extra steps on this warped path of discovery. I’m not sure how this would translate to be a full length album or for it to be expanded on and performed live, but it does contains some intriguing ideas worthy of a listen.