Camerata Mediolanense – Vertute, Honor, Bellezza by Joffie Lovett

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Prophecy
Released: 07/06/13
Band Website:

Band line-up:
Daniela Bedeski
Elena Previdi
Manuel Aroldi
Marco Colombo
Giacomo Colombo

Album Track listing:
Voi Ch’ ‘Ascoltate
Dolci Ire
Canzone All Italia
Altri Perfecti
Fragmentvm XXXV
Solo Et Pensoso
Tremo Et Taccio
Vago Aulletto
Vergine Bello
Lo Gran Desire
O Mia Stella
Quest ‘Anima Gentil

Camerata Mediolanense are a Neoclassical Darkwave band hailing from Milan, Italy which started in 1994 and has now released their 4th studio album in the form of ‘Vertute, Honor, Bellezza’. The album has quite a traditional orchestral, operatic and at times folk style to it mixed with the occasional modern element of synths and programmed drums which brings a new and interesting element to the usual style of Neoclassical Darkwave that sticks solely with the more older traditional orchestral sounds and Gregorian chanting. This mixture of styls definitely makes the album stand out from other releases as whilst the album starts off with very traditional sounding songs such as Dolci Ire, other songs on the album such as Tremo et Taccio go in an entirely different direction and have more of an ambient Synth Pop sound to them which encorporates the haunting high and low vocal melodies of the various male and female vocalists.

Production wise the album has a few strengths and flaws. The vocals are recorded and mixed beautifully and some of the synths and programmed drums do also sound quite cool and add a really interesting dynamic to the music. Where I feel the album falls down a bit is the synthesised orchestral parts which sound noticeably artificial and somewhat cheapens what should be very atmospheric music. For the most part though the album does contain a really rich soundscape of dark themes which I’m sure any fans of dark atmospheric Gothic music should enjoy.

I was sceptical on my first listen through of the album as Neoclassical Darkwave is a genre for me personally that is very hit and miss as to whether I like it or find it too overtly pretentious or lacking in songs that really grab the listener. After 2 or 3 listens through the album though I’m finding that this is an album that you can really sit back and relax to and whilst the songs may not stick in your head and the lyrics won’t be overly catchy without being pretty fluent in Italian.

It’s a beautifully atmospheric soundscape and journey from start to finish that is certainly a pleasant way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.