Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Pink Tank Records
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Released: 2016
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cameldriverBand line up Camel Driver:

Alex – Drums
Lutz – Lead Guitar
Cristoph – Bass

Band Line up Moewn:

Tim: Drums
Niko: Bass
Ben: Guitar



1. Seperation – 4:59
2. Interpahse – 8:233
3. Integration – 9:34


1. Nordpol – 6:30
2. Kaventsmann – 7:26
3. Bordbrant – 8:30


Metal, specifically Doom really lends itself to more instrumental takes on the genre, where you can put on a cd and zone out in smoke haze filled room and relax and this split EP by German Psychedelic Stoner Metallers, Camel Driver and their good friends, Moewn, deliver just that with their 6 track EP Rites of Passage and Aestus. Desert loving Camel Driver’s 3 tracks open up with quiet skittery instrumental tweaking’s that bring to mind the scurrying of sacreb beetles across the rolling dunes of the Sahara. 

Their first track, Separation, comes in heavy and sets the bar high for whats to follow. I’m relaxing into this one pretty easily and the guitar work and stoner riffs of Integration set me at ease and make me forget that i’m not listening to any singing what so ever, that there is more than enough melody in its bluesy guitar work and proggy undertones.

It’s a good start and the album seems to seamlessly merge into Moewn’s 3 track offering Aestus. You’ve travelled through the desert now you need a cool drink of water. 

Bad word play aside, Moewn, who offer up nautical themed instrumental Doom seem to pick up where Camel Driver left off and to be honest could be the same band. Admittedly Moewn’s guitar is lighter and brighter than that of the former band and take their music in a slightly different direction but its Camel Driver that really impress me here. Moewn’s 3 tracks pitter off at the end to skitters and ambient noises rather like it began, maybe its crabs side stepping across a grey beach this time.

Nothing hugely outstanding here but pleasant all the same. 

Review by Nathan Slack