Cambion – Last Rites [EP] by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Bored Stiff Records

Band Line-up

Elliott – Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals
Liam – Guitar
Colin Beale – bass guitar
Frank Dennis- Drums / backing vocals

Album Track listing

1. Dead March
2. Jester
3. Salem
4. Quantum Concept
5. Virus Part 2 (the infection)


Its been a busy time for South West metallers Cambion, having toured with Chris Jericho and his US rocker band Fozzy and playing Wizzfest in Belgium they are back with a new guitarist and drummer and set to unleash their latest EP Last Rites.

Kick starting with ‘Death March’, the speedy riffs, heavy drumming before the deep metallic growling intrudes with full force. The Bass ropes the song firmly into a guitar solo section which erupts into a storm like procession of drumming and head banging riffage. The band’s love for Meshuggah soars high throughout.

Following on with, ‘Jester’, an infectious solo glides along with catchy guitar work as vocalist screams “We will rise” shifting everything into a real adrenaline inducing ride. A clean vocal breakdown intercepts with an anthemic battering ram impact before the double kick pedals come pummelling downwards from dangerous heights.

The Intricate and razor sharp drum work of ‘Salem’ provide that stand out quality that will get you pushing replay, whilst the down and dirty riffs of ‘Quantum Concept’ is a pleaser for mosh pit for fans at live shows. The clean vocals at the end are reminiscent of Fear Factory which shows another dimension to the bands influences.

Finally, ‘Virus Part 2 (the infection)’ possesses tight guitar crunch riff works that tie in with a muffled spoken lyrical passage, painting a bleak picture before the drum/guitar union dishes out one final destructive blow.

In a nutshell, quite an impressive EP with a fairly broad range of influences and interesting use of melody that give these songs plenty of reasons to check them out, look forward to a full length release.