C-Drone Defect – Dystopia by Alan Chapman

I have a love of industrial harsh electronic music, but it can be easy to make, so the scene is over crowded with average or just bad outfits doing this type of music nowadays. The internet is not helping either as there is no quality control and some labels just seem to release music because it’s cheap to do.

This leads to having to search for anything of any value but sometimes it’s worth the time and effort when you stumble across such an album as C-Drone-Defect have released.

This is a huge slab of dark brooding industrial that leaves you cowering in the corner. Forget any dance floor hits as this is is not what what this album has to offer (ok if you get the deluxe version there are dancefloor friendly remixes) but every sample seems to just add to the effect and my god the vocals just hammer it home.

Why oh why can’t there be more in this scene of this quality?!