BYRDI reveal new album details

Norwegian duo, BYRDI, have confirmed details of their upcoming album entitled Ansur : Urkraft. The nine track album will be released via Trollmusic on March 17, 2017.


Steeped in Norwegian history and ancient symbolism,  Ansur : Urkraft is the follow up to the band’s self released debut, Eventyr. The folk influences from the debut are still very much present throughout Ansur : Urkraft – indeed, the band identify primarily as a folk band – but the scope and interpretation of these tracks has been broadened further still, meaning that this musical offering will very much appeal to openminded metal fans.

By utilising traditional Norwegian instruments, creating imaginative vocal arrangements and recruiting a stable of formidable guest musicians, BYRDI have produced an album weighted with history and traditional culture , reimagined in the present day.  With much of the material for Ansur : Urkraft being written in a cottage built in 1870, and by musicians who strongly identify with old Norse culture and the studying of runes, the themes of the album focus on life, death, nature and the afterlife.

Ansur : Urkraft Teaser:

BYRDI have much to offer listeners keen to delve deep into a fascinating and majestic realm. With a resurgence of interest in Viking and Norwegian culture in recent years, BYRDI provide an authentic insight.

The band comments: “We harvest our inspiration, not from bands and what others have done before, but from within ourselves. Our pillars will always be nature and the primal force it possesses.”

Byrdi - "Ansur : Urkraft"
Byrdi – “Ansur : Urkraft”

Ansur : Urkraft tracklisting

1. Blaanane Blaa
2. Ansur
3. Tid
4. Den Kvasse Nut
5. Myrpesten
6. Ren
7. Celebrata
8. Graanande Ymir
9. Lite Vet Mennesket

Nash Rothanburg
Andreas Paulsen.