Bury The Hatchet – For What It’s Worth, by Ben Spencer

Rating 4.5/5
Band line-up
Ray Hughes: Vocals
Richard Norton: Guitar and Vocals
David Greenslade: Guitar and Vocals
CaspHowes: Bass and no comment
Tom Davis: Drums
Track listing

1. River
2. Boyce
3. Souls Named on Unmarked Graves
4. Gone Too Soon
5. Jordan

There are many reasons why checking out Bury the Hatchet will be worth your time. Having played alongside bands such as Seven Year Kismet and Feed the Rhino and catching the eyes of those in the music industry, this five track offering is a great place to start for those who haven’t already been swayed into their ever-growing fan base.

Opening up this collision course of metal and hardcore, ‘River’ combines aggressive and energetic riffs that come fully loaded with visceral shrieks from front man Ray Hughes. Woven into their complex array of noise, is just enough melody and well timed group shouting backing vocals, to stand these guys out from their contemporaries.

The clean guitar intro on’ Boyce’ breaks into a skip mosh style procession of riffs, pummelling drumming and solid bass grooves: leading to the gritty and gruelling parts of “don’t talk to me or I will kick your teeth in”.

From the ascending tones ‘Souls Named on Unmarked Graves’ -that stretches to a celestial plane-to the much welcomed clean vocals of ‘Gone Too Soon’ lament the band’s quality control and excellent song writing skills.

Closing of on ‘Jordan’ may be their way of going out with a bang, or perhaps it’s just a coincidence that they saved this gem for last. A maelstrom of fury and spiralling twists and turns that could colour an apocalyptic landscape with shards of light seeping from the heavens above. Truly epic stuff!