Brutai @ Dirty South Lewisham by Ben Spencer

Brutai at Band Quest 18th February 2010, Review by Ben Spencer
Photography by Altercarnated Photography

‘The Band Quest’ is a competition in which bands participate in a hope to play the upcoming ‘Bloodstock festival’. The majority of bands range from various types of metal/hardcore/rock.

At tonight’s edition of ‘Band Quest’, there featured thrash metal act ‘Brutai’. I found myself immersed with a loyal following of fans outside the venue that were chanting the bands name in high-pitched volumes. This is what some would describe as a foreboding of what is to come and yet a band with a loyal following is one to not let slip under the radar.


The event began with two support bands: 80’s rockers ‘Silicone Bullet’ and a metalcore act ‘This Addiction’. The Gun’s and Roses induced ‘Silicone Bullet’ opened the night with elements of ‘Steel Panther’ and ‘Aerosmith and reminded me of the former ‘Antiques Rock Show’ on Sky Channel Scuzz. The band displayed a certain amount of charm with slick baselines and cheesy solos reminiscent of Starship’s ‘We can build this dream together’.

However it was ‘This addiction’ that really picked up the pace of tonight’s event: with hard-hitting metal riffs and enough punches to compete in a boxing ring with Rocky Balboa. These guys were revitalising and destructive as they sifted between an indecipherable growling narrative; to clean vocal chorus’s that conjure unity between the crowd and the band. It became apparent due to the band’s own admission that they were a member short tonight, however ‘This addiction’ showed fortitude over adversity and did not relent from the brutal assault of metal that ‘Slayer’ would be proud of.

After the second band I noticed a pack of blood hungry metallers gathering and scurrying around the front of the stage. I knew that the earlier foreboding was a sign of things to come: as Brutai launched into a thrash driven set, with enough riffs to sever the heads on any unsuspecting victim. These South London metallers are a band that are able to utilize the best from genres of metalcore, thrash, and death metal in a refined and cohesive manner. After the first song, amidst a drum solo and proggy guitar effect, front man Felix shouted to the crowd “we are Brutai, are you with us?”

As the venue roared back with conviction, a mosh pit opened up and swallowed the crowd in like a vacuum: creating a truly anarchic backdrop to the apocalyptic sound of ‘Brutai’. The set was wielded through an impressive array of guitar wizardry located in the outro of ‘Home Sweet Hell’ from guitarists Felix and Henry; while Mike’s hurricane drumming began a brutal assault on ones senses, numbing the bruises of loyal moshers. Mike Crouchman’s dark and pervasive Bass progression attaches weight to the quartet’s metal anthem: ‘Epiphany’ a dark, brooding, titanic in size and epic in scale monster of a song.


These guys have a flare that burns brightly and should by all rights make them eligible to enter the next ‘Band Quest’ competition. The tightness of their stranglehold shows no mercy as they depart from their set leaving the audience breathless and the moshers bruised. ‘Brutai’ won tonight’s event and left a wake of destruction behind them, they will soon be entering new territory.