Brother/Ghost – Buried

Rating:  4/5
Distributor/label: I.Corrupt Records & Shelsmusic
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Released: 2015
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Pic (1)Band line-up:

Colby Falkner James
W.S. Dowdy
John Olds


1. Satan
2. Harpies
3. Cripple
4. Causeway
5. Freedom
6. Pendulum
7. Blackdog


Austin, Texas is home to Brother/Ghost, and the band release their debut album on Shelsmusic & I.Corrupt Records as a follow up to their critically acclaimed EP ‘Black Ice’ which was released in 2010. The EP was initially recorded as part of a college music project, but was received so well that high profile tours followed, however a series of line-up changes resulted in a two-year hiatus, leaving their fans wondering if they would ever get to hear a follow up. Finally, their wait is over and Bother/Ghost are ready to start their next chapter with the release of ‘Buried’.

To describe their sound is difficult, its diverse and experimental and interesting and strange, layers of strings and a dirty guitar riff laid over drums with eerily beautiful vocals. It still feels like a college project, but one that will get them a high grade. There is a darkness to it, far from the commercial radio pulp that we are fed by mainstream labels, this is creative and original.

‘Satan’ begins with an atmospheric violin, a resonant drum kicks in with menacing guitars, the combined sound is pierced by a haunting vocal. ‘Harpies’ has a different style, a different vocalist, slow beats that give way to whirling guitars and a deep ominous feel to the whole tune. The 8 minute long ‘Cripple’ is a weirdly evocative track that is gloomy and dispiriting, yet captivating at the same time, by contrast the next track is the shortest of the album at less than four minutes, ‘Causeway’ features some enchanting guitar-playing and builds to a dramatic crescendo. ‘Freedom’ meanders through a pattern of guitar riffs, and dirgey drums while ‘Pendulum’ is equally melancholy and muted, these are by no means up-lifting tracks. Finally ‘Blackdog’ is a chaotic mix of dark sounds, eerie feedback and misery and wretchedness that encompasses the feel of depression and despair.

Listed as being for fans of Nick Cave, Radiohead, The Doors & Pink Floyd, this is contemporary and more suited to horror-movie soundtrack than mainstream radio. It is a brave and bold album that breaks away from the norms of song-writing and dares to be different. It won’t suit everyone but its compelling listening from start to end.

Review by Lisa Nash