Bride of Bloodshed by Jo Blackened

Rebecca Dunn aka ‘Bride of Bloodshed’ is a solo performer who previously danced as part of a duo called ‘The Dolls of Sin’ under the name ‘Vamp Doll’….

She has danced at many events, such as ‘The Graveyard Bash’ I & II in Camden, & Manchester, Redeemer as a Guest Performer for the Shanklin Freakshow, Nocturnal Dance, Graveyard Bash I and Club Antichrist.

Her style is theatrical contemporary, whilst bringing an alternative scene twist to adapt to the Horror and Rock community.
Hey Rebecca, thanks for taking the time for this interview!

Hi there !! Pleasure to be interviewed 🙂

At what age did you become interested in the performing arts & when did you start performing?

I started dancing when I was three years old and Dance and I immediately fell in love!!

I attended local classes until I was 16 and from the age of about 4 I had been performing on stage and at local events – even travelling to London’s West End to perform on stage. This was for an annual event called Young Performers at Her Majesties Theatre – home to The Phantom of the Opera. I also auditioned for the Royal School of Ballet which was such an awesome inspiring experience. When I finished school I went straight to college to study Performing Arts where my love for ALL things Theatrical grew.
Which are your favourite themes when performing?

I lean towards the Horror genre because it really inspires me , the very nature if theatre is to wow and shock and inspire and I feel that these elements are best executed when Horror is involved.

Where do you come up with your ideas & where do you get your inspiration from?

Usually a piece of music will conjure ideas and inspiration. I don’t really cite any particular figure as inspiration because no one really does what I do, that isn’t a slight on any other performer it’s just that because of my choreography and theatrical background I tend to work outside the box a little. I do and can obviously adapt to what is required of me at any given event but my centre is based in horror so as long as it is a rock / metal/ horror event there will always be blood!

You have performed in many various places, where has been your most favourite to date?

I think that the Graveyard Bash events have been my favourite; they have a real festival feel to them with the bands and the other performers involved it’s a really good atmosphere to work in. There is a comrade-re amongst the bands and performers which makes it really fun to be a part of, and of course not least of all because I met my Fiancé at GYB 2!
Do you have many performances planned this year?

So far I have a few events booked up, one of which is a Repo; The Genetic Opera themed night which should be fun!! The others I will keep under wraps for the time being as I shall be announcing them on my Facebook page as the time draws nearer.

What preparations do you have before going on stage; do you ever get stage fright?

I don’t do a lot to prepare really, as a lot of my preparation just goes on costume and make up. Once I am ready I will either come out or chat to the crowd / friends or I will sit in a corner somewhere listening to music and chilling out. I get the WORST stage fright ever it’s always been the same I am literally a wreck right up to the minute I start to perform!

Do you have any funny stories regarding your performances, has anything ever gone wrong?

There have been a couple of incidents; I performed at a club called Taboo, and the number I did involved me coming off stage into the crowd and bloodying up some unsuspecting victims, however the organiser of the event somehow was not aware of this and thought the number had ended so the music and my performance were cut off early!

One other occasion is when I performed at the Fox and Firkin as part of a Nocturnal Dance event, because of the nature of my performance I can’t rehearse some aspects and as such it is left to chance as to how well it works. Well for this performance I had got my partner involved to throw buckets of blood over me, what I hadn’t realised was that this would make for a VERY slippery dancing surface! When he came on stage for the final part of the show we were fighting to stay on our feet and the last move I had to spin into his arms – well I literally skidded across the blood and into his arms and we heard a massive intake of breath from the crowd followed a split second later with rapturous applause as he managed to catch me and make it look like part of the act haha!

You have many different styles to your performing, have you ever had any professional training?

I studied Performing arts specialising in dance technique which included contemporary and Jazz and also theatre dance styles. and leading up to that I did many dance exams and excelled in my results. I have a distinction profile diploma for my dance and drama. I have not been professionally hired outside of this other than the solo work I now do.

Is the music you choose important with the performance?

Well the music I choose usually chooses me! As I mentioned earlier the music is usually my inspiration and a lot of my ideas stem from this first hearing.

What are your goals for the future?

I hope to be performing at regular events; I’d love to be involved in festivals such as Download and Sonisphere. Modelling is always welcome so I am looking to pursue that avenue also, really the sky is the limit. I hope to perform in music videos and in album artwork , all of these things appeal to my arty theatrical nature 🙂 So any bands out there that like what I do – get in touch!! :p

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sleep! Haha! But seriously, I love to read and dabble in a little poetry writing. I wear pj’s as often as is humanly possible and watch rubbish on the telly! Haha, uh-oh there goes my Rock and Roll image! I should have said I like to fuck all night and party all day Steel Panther stylee? ;p

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start in this business?

I guess my advice would be keep sticking at it, you will find your place eventually, it is tough but worth it. I’d also say that finding something unique to you is a priceless tool, don’t get caught up in a specific genre or competing with already established artists. Do what it is YOU want to do and you won’t go far wrong 🙂

Thank you so much for your time!

Thank you! =)