Breed 77, Chinwag, with Soozi Q

Breed 77 Interview, with Guitarist Danny Felice, @ The Garage

Ahead of Breed 77’s performance tonight we managed to grab Guitarist Danny Felice for a chat about their latest album, the tour so far and a few of the bands’ experiences…

So before you released your new album, ‘The Evil Inside’, it was described as being much darker than previous material. Had anything happened in the band to influence this?
Danny Felice: Not really, it’s just the way we see the music; Breed [77] is like a book and this is a new chapter, we don’t like to repeat ourselves. The last album ‘Insects was a touch more heavy, more metallic and we just try to do all our albums different, with different stories, different concepts. I find it really boring when bands repeat their old albums again and again, it’s like having the same book and reading it all the time!

So you must be feeling a lot happier now that the album is out there…
DF: Yeah obviously, it’s good as it’s almost like having a new baby! It’s early days though, this is the first tour of the album and we’ll see what happens in the next year and a half, two years.

You’re coming to the end of this tour now…
DF: Yep, the first show was pretty good, a lot of people came to see us and I was surprised as we’re not like the flavour of the month with an image and all that, we’re an experienced band now. There are people out there who like the music we do and they keep us going.
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Can you tell us any funny stories from your time on tour so far?
DF: Every day has been a party, an adventure with things happening all the time but there’s nothing in particular, I don’t want to offend anybody- they’ll be like “you bastard! You told them about what happened!”

Tell me a bit about when you supported Black Sabbath at the London Astoria in 1999, how did that come about?
DF: We were one of those kind of bands who, even without an album out we had loads of good shit happening; we were lucky, we were at the right place at the right time- I don’t know what it was but if somebody asks you if you want to support black Sabbath, you aren’t going to say no! At that time we were voted Best New Band in the Kerrang Awards but that didn’t even work, the companies still didn’t sign us so there was nothing we could have done.

You’ve just released the second single from ‘The Evil Inside’- Bring on the Rain. What’s the concept behind this song?
DF: Well it’s a song about the rain being the bad news- it’s like all the things that have a sombre, dark feeling to them. I mean the whole album… it’s not a conceptual album but the message of the album is that everyone has evil inside of them. There is heavier stuff on the album but we felt as though it was a very adequate song for it.

So out of all the countries you’ve performed in, what would you say has been your favourite?
DF: It’s difficult to say… but Mexico was great, they were mental! And Japan. That was an experience but it wasn’t just because of the gig, it was a cultural thing.

Thank you so much for your time Danny, enjoy the gig- we’re looking forward to seeing you perform!
DF: Thanks, if you want to join us for a beer afterwards then please do!

Photography by Taya Uddin
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