With just 80 days to go until the festival ever Breaking Bands Festival the organisers have been on site preparing for what is going to be a very hectic 11 weeks leading into the festival week. So this release is to give everyone a much needed update of info…

Breaking Bands Festival Poster



As many people know, the organisers of the festival have been to many large and small festivals and wanted this one to be the best of all the rest built into one great festival. Food was an essential part of this. After meeting with the venue staff there is a full hot and cold, meal and veggie option meal menu with the prices set at just £3.50. Also, a full English plus a range of other breakfast sandwiches also available freshly cooked for everyone with the venue open from 8am to serve all the hungry bellies!


With the venue opening early for breakfasts we thought, why not add some extra bands! We already have the awesome Leeds band The Idol Dead playing an acoustic set on the buskers stage but they will now also be opening up Saturday morning for breakfast rock n roll at 11am! On Sunday morning a bit of a coup for the festival will be the first gig ever for Hinckley band Resin with their brand new line-up as they open up Sunday morning breakfast to wipe away the hangovers. We have also secured the services on Friday evening of a very special guest band that are taking time out of their extremely busy schedule to come and play a 40 minute slot for us. We will not be announcing this band, they will be a mystery and only weekend ticket holders will get to see them but we promise it will be something extra special.


One thing that worried people to commit to festivals was the issues last year with many festivals cancelling due to poor advance ticket sales, bad planning, not enough promotion etc. With Breaking Bands Festival the organisers have self funded this years event and are not waiting on ticket sales to pay for the costs. In fact, the payments for the major parts of the festival were paid in full at the weekend guaranteeing the event goes ahead what ever the ticket sales come too. Saying that though, its very important to everyone that there is a great crowd for the bands and for the atmosphere too!


This is something that has been discussed in detail with the security team. We’ve been advised as this is our first festival year and with the number of tickets already sold, we will not be allowing people into the festival site without a ticket. No tickets will be on sale over the weekend. In fact, the ticket office (online) closes midday Wednesday 20th May 2015 so we can send out printed tickets to everyone. Please make sure tickets are purchased via the website (


Look out on Friday March 27th from 6pm as Breaking Bands Festival has a mass status post on both Facebook and Twitter through an app called Thunderclap which posts on message on everyones walls at the same time. So far the social reach for the project will hit 110,000 people at the same time but this increases by approx 1,000 for every person that joins. Everyone is welcome (click this link:


We have revealed the Breaking Bands Festival merchandise of the t-shirt, ladies t-shirt and the hoodies. These are only available to purchase in advance for collection at the festival. Again, please make sure you go to the website to get them reserved with t-shirts at just £7 until the end of March then just £10 and hoodies at just £22-25.

Everyone involved from the stage crew to the traders are all very excited about the festival. The bands are pumped up and ready for action and its all systems go.

Remember, we now have 33 bands on the main stage, 10 acoustic acts, comedy from Badaxe and TV’s Ross Lee (currently on TV on the Keith Lemon Sketch Show), loads of traders, competitions, camping and cheap beers! A weekend to remember for just £25 with kids under 14 getting in free with an adult.