Born Of Osiris Interview, by Katherine Tullett

Born Of Osiris Interview, With Lee McKinney (Guitarist), @ The Underworld, Camden.

How are you doing tonight, are you looking forward to the show?
Yeah, I am good, it’s going to be a really fun show! We’re playing with a lot of great bands and every time we come to london it’s amazing so we’re very excited! I am not too sure how kmany times we’ve been to London but we’ve been to this venue once before and it was amazing.

What’s it been like touring with the other bands?
It’s amazing, a great little package. They are all probably the nicest dudes ever! We have history with After The Burial, we grew up and were in high school together and had played local shows together and now we’ve ended up on the same tour together.

Are you playing any new songs on this tour?
No. It’s different with every band and how they choose to release new stuff but when people record in the corwds you get bad audio and bad sound and we don’t want to give bad first impressions so we always want to first time to be a recording.

How’s the progress with the next release coming?
Great actually, it’s pretty much done except for vocals and we;re going to take two weeks after we finish this to record the record and at should be out in the summer time around July.

Any names for the releases yet?
No, not yet.

Can you explain the writing process of the band?
Cameron (drummer) and myself write songs individually, like the skeleton of the song and then we take it to the band to see what they think and get their inputs. We all live in a house together so that obviously makes the writng process a lot better.

Have you got any future tours dates or shows coming up?
Unfortunately I can’t tell too much right now, but we’re going to Australia and Japan in May, but they’re the only ones I can say right now.

For the May tour in Australia, are you looking forward to recording with ‘Upon A Burning Body’?
Yeah definetly, they’re good friends of ours and they’re a great live band so we’re excited to have them, There’s a couple of other bands I am yet to hear that are opening the tour, so I am exzcited to see what those bands are about as well.

This is the last date in the UK, are you sad or relieved to be leaving?
I really like the UK, it’s one of my favorite areas and we’ll hopefully make it back to London at the end of the year when we have the new roecord and new songs out and everything.

Is there anything you would like to add for the fans?
Thansk to everyone coming out to the shows on this tour and we’re excited for the rest of and really exctied for London tonight.