Born Of Osiris @ The Underworld Camden

With Monuments, After The Burial & The Haarp Machine.
2nd March 2013
Review by  Katherine Tullett

The Sumerian onslaught has arrived!
Conquering Europe an amazing line up this may well have been one of the most anticipated line up to hit the UK for quite some time with the monolithic concoction of Born Of Osiris, After The Burial, Monuments, and The HAARP Machine!

After the devastating announcement of the departure of a full live line up Al Mu’min of The Haarp Machine had completely recreate his line up and he found perfection in Chris (former Periphery and Friend For A Foe, now vocalist of Ever Forthright).

Also recruiting Ever Forthright’s guitarist, Nick Llerandi. Despite the recent news, the members gelled perfectly.

Barettos vocals are certainly perfect to accompany the instantly identifiable sound of The Haarp Machines sitar and unsual guitar stylings. Considering the new group has only a few weeks to prepare, it was certainly an incredible performance with Al Mu’min’s performance clean and tight accompanied by the awe inspiring performance by Barretto.

Not only did his voice fir perfectly, by Barettos stage performance is certainly an act to be admired. Opening with “Esoteric Agenda”, continuing with “Pleiadian Keys”, “Disclosure”, “Extension To One”, and closing with “The Escapist Notion”. Certainly some fan favourites that I am sure they will all want to hear again after this amazing reappearance.

After The Burial are about as tight as they come, they deliver some of the most impressive technical ability seem that night, sharing new levels of heavy chugs and mind blowing leads.
Front man, Anthony, despite having no ability to chug or widdle us in to submission, still present an amazing energy packed show.

The audience play right back at him with energy so huge you can tell they are feeding off each other.
They’ve built up a large UK fan base which can be seen in the response to ‘Your Troubles Will Cease And Fortune Will Smile Upon You’. If performing to an enthused crowd is something this American quintet like to see then they will certainly be back over our way pretty soon!

Next up, the anger whirl wind that is Monuments.
The pit exploded into action upon their entry, of course after a very touching introduction of “I will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston… Don’t ask… Matt Roses energy, accompanied by the brutal guitar onslaught of Steele and Brown kept the crowd moving for the entire set.

With incredible heavy chug that embodied the hatred of Satan himself “Doxa” and “Degenerate” certainly managed to keep the sold out venue jumping… May I add… I don’t think I have seen so many crowd surfers in such a short time.

These pit delinquents included Chimp Spanners own Boris Le Gal. Closing with “Regenerate” neither band nor fan eased up, bassist Swanny and drummer Malian comtinued to play their hearts out with the rest of the band and there was certainly no slump in the quality of playing. This was certainly aided by a surprise Sax solo from mulit talented Barretto. An odd mix you might think by the bluesy tone mixed with the chilling cleans of Monuments style worked perfectly.

Included in their set lists were new songs “The Oppressor” and (working title “Higgs Bossen”. Despite there only being a few bad quality uploads on YouTube, it was remarkable how many members of this dedicated crowd were already able to scream along.

Of course the biggest reception is reserved for Born Of Osiris.
How the audience has enough energy left is totally beyond me after the mass take over that was Monuments.
None the less, if you wanted you face melted, this was the place to be.

Their undeniable melodic yet brutally destructive style can be heard and felt throughout the entire venue.
The epic grandeur of their set was certainly one to be admired on the highest levels.
Playing songs from 2011’s haunting ‘The Discovery’ they deliver a perfect combination of the tech fans ultimate gear and ability porn dream and brilliantly constructed lyrics.

Opening with “Empires Erased”, “Rosecrance” and “The New Reign” certainly kept the old school fans happy. There were followed by 3 songs of their incredible “The Discovery” album. Their work was concise and clear, every note could be heard event under the thundering dirty growls of vocalist Ronnie.

Continuing from the energy of the previous bands, the audience still doesn’t let up. It’s getting late but that certainly means nothing to the band or the audience who keep moshing, jumping, screaming, shouting, fist pumping – I could go on for a millennia, until the VERY last second.

And a final word, IF this line up ever comes around again. You go…end of.
For a night of utter brutality, the perfect mix of melody and technical brilliance, an exact balance of tech, death core and metal… You get your little metal arses down!