Booze & Glory – Interview with Mark and Liam

Date: 21st April 2017
Interview by Gabor

Booze & Glory
Booze & Glory

Hi guys! Thank you for your time. How’s the tour so far?

Mark: Yeah it’s been very good, we started at the beginning of March. We’ve done Spain, France, the North, South, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and we went to Bristol yesterday. We’ll do a few UK shows and then we head back to East Germany next weekend so… Yeah, it’s been good so far. We’ve done over 10,000 miles and we have another couple to do before we go to America for another month.

I guess you like touring then.

Mark: Well, this is the first time we’ll do that much because we never used to be a touring band; we always used to be like a weekend band, you know. But this year we just wanna play. So we got over 120 shows booked from March to December. We’ve done about 25 so far.

It’s like a full time job.

Mark: At the moment, yes. Next year we go back to our normal jobs.
Liam: When we’ll be back on the building sites.

Let’s talk about politics a bit. What do you think about it? Is it good for the punk and Oi! scenes that people like Trump are leaders now?

Liam: Well they say that bad times are good for punk but I’d rather not see bad politics happening – you know what I mean. But it definitely gives you a subject to write about.

Are there any subjects that you try to avoid or does everything inspire you?

Liam: There is nothing we really stay away from. We mainly write about our personal lives. We don’t preach to no-one; we just say things the way we see them.
Mark: Maybe the subject we want to avoid now is football. We’ve done so many football songs and now we try to avoid it.
Liam: I think football is more dividing than politics. Sometimes. Hahaha.

Booze & Glory
Booze & Glory

As you’ve mentioned football: what do you think about the new West Ham stadium?

Liam: I do not like it.
Mark: It is difficult, you know obviously people say that progression and stuff, but I don’t think players really like it, it doesn’t look like it when you look at the table.

It’s bigger and you’re further from the field than before – it is weird.

Liam: Yeah, I’ve been a couple of times.
Mark: But that’s what it is with football. That’s what it is with football and big money. I don’t think anyone can stop this. ‘Specially in big cities like London.

What kind of music inspires you? Obviously punk and Oi!, but anything else?

Mark: Anything. From reggae to hardcore, metal, metalcore. Anything. It depends on the day what I want to listen to. To be honest with you, now at this moment I probably don’t listen to much Oi!, because there are no many good Oi! bands. Obviously the older ones are the classics.

Booze & Glory
Booze & Glory

Any new bands which are worth listening to?

Mark: There are a few new bands like The Hardknocks from Los Angeles – our friends, Legion 76 from Philadelphia, Knock Off the band who will play tonight, Lazy Class from Poland…

If you could make an Oi! supergroup…

Mark: Oi! supergroup?

Yeah, it is a silly question. But…

Mark: You’re talking to a supergroup.
Liam: Hahahahahahaha.

Hahahahahaha. Fair enough. What led you to Oi!?

Liam: I was… I am from East London. And I first got into punk and then I discovered bands like Cockney Rejects and Cock Sparrer and found out they live in the same area as me and sing about places I know. So for me as soon as I heard these bands I realised that this is made for me.

So your new album came out last month, you have a massive tour this year – what are your future plans?

Mark: At the moment we try to survive this tour. So the main plan is to wake up on Christmas day and say we’ve done it and we’re still alive. But next year, I mean we’ve already got some ideas for some shows next year… don’t think we will… well at the moment we don’t have plans to record anything next year but times are changing all the time. One thing we’re gonna have out soon is our reggae project. We got some friends playing ska and reggae and we recorded 3 songs – our songs but reggae versions – you know like proper Jamaican-sounding. So we just want to release that 7-inch in the summer, but basically it’s just for fun. So that’s the one but it hasn’t been announced yet properly, so just the shows at the moment. That’s it. It’s so much hard work. We can’t think about nothing else,  just to get to the next place and play.

Booze & Glory
Booze & Glory

Anything you want to say to the readers of The Independent Voice?

Mark: Check out the new album, I hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

That’s it guys, thank you very much!