Bonded By Blood – Exiled To Earth by Alan Chapman

Out Now on – Earache Records

It’s all in the band name when it comes to this outfit taking it from an Exodus album title.

The vocal style straight away tells you how much this band likes the old Bay Area outfit, this brims with that same energy, in doing so sounds as fresh and new as thrash did back in the eighties.

Few bands can pay homage but still come over with their own identity, this lot take a style and add inject it with their own personalities. Another thing that stands out on this is the fact this lot know how to play which brings a few nice twists to the music, odd time changes.

This album will span the decades by it’s ability to keep both the old thrashers happy and bring young blood to the scene.

Oh this is supposed to be a concept album not that I noticed, to busy reliving a misspent youth thrashing around my flat.