Blutengel – Complete

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Out Of Line Records
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Released: 2016
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Band Line Up:170x170bb

Chris Pohl – vocals
Ulrike Goldman – vocals
Viki Scarlet – Main Visual Concept
Nikki – Minor Visual Concept
Nadine – Minor Visual Concept


1. Complete (Single Edit)
2. Complete (Massive Ego Remix)
3. Nowhere
4. Dusk


A first glimpse, this four track release may raise a few questions among ardent fans of the Blutengel, but it should also ultimately satisfy most of them. Blutengel have built their reputation on being the very darkest of dark wave which brings them firmly into alternative territory when the genre they most identify with is far removed from it. The most perplexing part of this release is the nature and arrangement of the two versions of the title track.

Remixes are an essential part of electronica acts these days, so finding two versions of ‘Complete’ is not really worth raising an eyebrow to. The fact that the ‘Massive Ego Remix’ is more like what you would expect from the ‘Single Edit’ is surprising though, with the latter sounding rather stripped back and relatively downbeat. It’s the former that sounds like it’ll get played more in clubs and it’s a similar story with the other tracks too.

‘Nowhere’ buzzes along quite happily making full use of the pulsing nature of how we’re used to hearing Blutengel. Meanwhile ‘Dusk’ sounds like it doesn’t know where second gear is and as a result never really gets going at all. It all makes for a bit of a roller coaster ride which many will hope isn’t the case when the full album hits the stores. Being a bit diverse and trying something different is to be applauded but when you sell partly on the strength of how many people get up and fill a dance floor to your music, writing something slow comes across as a bit of a gamble. Let’s hope Leitbild has the oomph of the more up tempo music on offer here.

Review by: Gary Trueman