Blownload, by Mike Calder


Question: What do you get if you cross System of a Down, with Larry Flynt and Walt Disney?
This month I want to draw your attention to one of my favourite little known US artists. Despite having a small mention in a rather well circulated popular music magazine I still find myself uttering the name Blownload to my friends, only to be greeted with the answer, ‘That’s too much information man!’.

With a name like Blownload, its very easy to guess straight away what kind of topics will be covered in their music and well, you would be right, sex and lots of it. This is nothing new in the alternative scene, or in music full stop. But it’s the way Blownload go about approaching the topic that sets them apart from other artists. Just by looking at the title of their debut album, ‘Blumpkins Of Mass Destruction’, its obvious that they are taking a comical spin to the subject. But their approach goes far beyond the comical and even reaches as far as the political and this is where the SOAD influence is very obvious.
While you can’t make a direct comparison, as the topics covered in the two bands songs aren’t exactly similar, their styles are unarguably similar. Now, I’m not saying this similarity is a bad thing. Sometimes a band can be ruined by being too like another established act but here, this is not the case. Blownload manage to keep themselves suitably different from, well, anyone else out there.

As we know many of their tracks look at sexual themes in a humorous way, some songs take an almost childish approach to sex, coming across as trying to shock for shocks sake. Normally an approach like that can be a negative thing but for some reason Blownload pull it off perfectly, making you giggle and not cringe. The final part to their perverted recipe is an almost childlike glee they bring to their music. The perfect example of this is the breakdowns that feature in most of the songs. When you hear them, you almost forget what you have been listening to for the last couple of minutes, they come at you like some sort of deviant Disney sing-a-long, you could almost expect them to be in Tim Burtons next animated film.

Blownload will never win any awards or fans for being a serious political band, neither will they get much credit for their musicianship, but what you do get with them is a bloody good laugh and lots of sexy fun, kind of like a Carry On film (but not as camp!).