Blood Red Throne @ Boston Music Rooms

24th April 2014, Review by Lily Randall

It may be a Thursday evening but the hectic rush hour of the capital hasn’t stopped death metal fans from catching five heavy as hell bands from the off. One man band of Bristol Atonement kicks of proceedings with his slam fest of brutality. With just a guitar in his hand, a computerized drummer and a set of pipes filled with gurgle, it’s the ideal warm up for the rest of the evening.
Blood Red Throne Flyer
London based Anoxide are often spotted on posters such as this one, with plenty of impressive support slots previous and there is no surprise as to why. Their blend of death and thrash metal brings a different dynamic to the evening at an aggressive speed and it appears they have brought plenty of their loyal following with them.

Scordatura bring the northern nightmare to London, with last year’s debut ‘Torment of the Weak’ receiving great reviews. The Glaswegians certainly love their gore with a set oozing with brutal death metal nastiness that is lapped up by the bloodthirsty crowd.

Dishonour the Crown stick out slightly on this line up with a more hardcore approach to metal that gets slightly lost in amongst the venue. There are moments of thrash and obvious heaviness throughout but it feels a little forced in amongst the smooth sailing from others. The energy on stage is electric nonetheless.

By the time the headliners take to the stage, the audience is positively sweaty and raring to go. Norwegians Blood Red Throne go against the grain of many of their fellow countrymen, opting for a crushing death metal style without any blackened influences. Starting off the set with the rather apt ‘Unleashing Hell’, the four-piece do just that with frontman Bolt proving how much he has brought to the band since 2011.

His vocals are mighty and it becomes apparent why he is often compared to Corpsegrinder, whilst the rest of the band chug and flurry away in the heaviest way possible. With plenty of tracks off of last year’s self-titled release including ‘Soulseller’ and ‘Primitive Killing Machine’ the room is crammed with groovy riffs and blastbeats galore it becomes apparent why Blood Red Throne have managed to withstand the sands of time and fifteen years in, its still as beastly as ever.


Unleashing Hell
Brutalitarian Regime
Deranged Assassin
Primitive Killing Machine
Games of Humiliation
Incarnadine Mangler
The Light, The Hate
Arterial Lust