BLEED AGAIN – Momentum

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Sliptrick records
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Released: 2017
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Digipak 2 ant…on tasca a sx.cdr

Band line-up:

James Dawson – Vocals
Russell Plowman – Drums
Jon Liffen – Bass & Vocals
Simon Williams – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Chris Pratt – Guitars


1. Decimate
2. Walk Through The Fire
3. Legacy
4. Drowning In Dreams
5. Slavery
6. Kurtz
7. Heart Of Darkness
8. White Castle
9. Only We Can Save Us
10. Happy Never After
11. Icarus
12. Through My Eyes
13. Walk Through The Fire (Piano Version)
14. Legacy (Piano Version)


This is the debut album of South of England outfit (Worthing to be precise) outfit Bleed Again. Apparently, the band has been doing ‘blistering’ (their words) live shows and a few EPs. I’m gonna take a tangent here, but please bear with me. Apparently, Justin Bieber is a massive fan of metal!

I have to take this at face value as I’ve never met the chap, but it does seem a charming, if somewhat unlikely, scenario. Anyway, there were rumours that he’s been hanging around Marilyn Manson and had plans to release a metal project. If Justin Bieber released a metal album, I reckon it would sound a bit like this.

To give them their dues, the playing is tighter than a hypothetical lovechild of Scrooge and Shylock. There are also lots of varying textures throughout the album, and the track ‘Kurtz’ that leads into ‘Heart of Darkness’ is really entertaining, but there’s an unbearable ‘boybandishness’ (I just invented that word, but you know what I mean, right?) to it all. ‘Walk Through The Fire’ is hideously mawkish and I find the whole work to be rather jejune.

The addition of a couple of piano versions at the end doesn’t help this criticism in the slightest. It wouldn’t surprise me if these guys ended up on Britain’s Got Talent.

I think there’s the potential for them to turn into something quite special; they can clearly play. They just, in my inconsequential and not very humble opinion, need to play something else.

Review by: Bob Davidson