Blaze Of Sorrow – Eremita Del Fuoco

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Sun & Moon Records
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Released: 2016
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Track Listing

1. La Conquista Del Cieloblaze
2. La Madre
3. Eremita Del Fuoco
4. I Quattro Volti
5. Il Passo Del Titano
6. L’ascesa
7. Epitaffio Di Funa

Band Line-up

Peter – Guitars/Bass/Synths/Vocals
N – Drums


Italian folk inspired atmospheric black metal troupe Blaze Of Sorrow offer forth “Eremita Del Fuoco”, their fourth full length album. Rather than rage and snarl like many of their contemporaries, they take a different approach, preferring to see beauty instead of darkness. It certainly is an interesting voyage.

Album opener “La Conquista Del Cielo” begins serenely, full of sadness and longing, augmented with flourishes of saxophone. As the guitars kick in the sense of melancholy remains. It is absolutely chock full of atmosphere. One small flaw is that the vocals come across as a bit flat. Next up is “La Madre” with it’s introspective jangling; black metal juxtaposed with rock ‘n’ roll beats. As the track progresses I was transported by the wondrous melodic riffing. Track three is the title track which sees the band tread the same path without exactly retracing their steps. Following this is “I Quattro Volti” which has an almost shoegaze feel about it. The melodies are hummable without ever taking a trip down commercial boulevard. The song is underpinned by the tastefully whimsical keyboards. Again the track is slightly let down by the vocals. “Il Passo Del Titano” does wonders for the albums sense of variety, a black ‘n’ roll stomper. Peter’s gnarled vocals seem better suited to this kind of song. “L’ascesa” smoulders like “Filosofem” era Burzum; it is ethereal and quite beguiling. It is arguably the albums standout cut. The proceedings are rounded off with “Epitaffio Di Luna”, a pastoral instrumental outro. Birdsong chirps beneath a fantastically evocative musical motif, perfectly capturing Black Metal’s back-to-nature ethos. It is ghostly and quite brilliant.

“Eremita Del Fuico” is an inspiring experience. The guitars are raw without being too grim. Every track has a measured feel; there really is no need to lurch off at ludicous speeds when the band are capable of evoking nature in this way. The album is possessed of a pervasive sense of heartache, such stark simplicity left me yearning for a walk in some deserted forest. Very nearly a great album.

Review by Owen Thompson