BlackWolf – The Hunt by Gavin Lowrey

Rating: 4.5/5
Released: 2014
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Black Wolf


Band Line-up
Scott Sharp – Vocals
Jason Cronin – Rhythm Guitar
John Greenhill – Lead Guitar
Ben Webb – Bass
Thomas Lennox-Brown – Drums




Getting fans to fund albums through pledges is not a new idea, but Bristol soulful Rockers Blackwolf  certainly made the right choice when they decided to go down this route.

This was made easier by developing a fanbase through battling way to their appearance Surface Unsigned Festival and judging by their efforts here, it should be a gamble that will pay off.

The Zeppelin-esque opening track “Mr Maker” sets the pace with a very catchy guitar hook, and this is quickly followed by “Keep Moving on” which wouldn’t be out of place on a Slash Album (and I mean that in the nicest way)

The high paced guitar Solo in “Moving Mountain” is a cracking highlight, and “Trouble” sounds like lead singer Scott Sharp has been on some high quality Plant/Rodgers pills

Slowing it down is “Only Said in Silence” before “Sea of Emerald Wine” boots you in the nuts, before the epic sounding “Raised on The Sun” brings things to a mid Album High point

“Black Hole Friend” is my fast paced favourite before “Dragging Ghosts” slows things down before I am cast back to Free with “Relief” before finishing off the Album with “Sleepwalking” & “Sea of Merry”

This is an excellent album, the guitar work is good and it doesn’t have the muffled overproduced feel of a lot of other offerings. What it also does is gives you good honest rock ‘n roll without the cheesey lyrics we see sometimes

Blackwolf are supporting The Answer in March and on this effort, this will be a match made in heaven, my only regret is that they didn’t support them the whole tour so this reviewer could have sampled their music in the flesh!

 Review by Gavin Lowrey