BlackDahlia – Fragments

Rating:     3/5
Distributor/label: Areasonica records
Released: 2014
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[REVIEW] [ALAN HOLLOWAY] BlackDahlia – FragmentsBand line-up:

Samuela Fuiani: Vocals & Piano
Ruggero Doronzo: Guitars
Luca Raio: Guitars
Antonio Petito: Bass
Ludovico Massariello: Drums


1. Falling Down
2. No Regrets
3. Eclipse
4. Wounds
5. Alice
6. Lost in the daylight
7. Fly
8. Goodnight


I think the key to enjoying this Italian band’s debut, lies within your tolerance of bands that are not ‘Evanescence’ but really want to be. Samuela Fuiani has an excellent, semi operatic voice, and the thick, heavy riffs that break up the gothic romance of it all reek of the American trend setters.

With all that said, I have learned to live with bands that sound like other bands, and as a result I quite like Blackdahlia. Opener ‘Dalling Down’ is a heavy mix of riffs, piano and powerful vocals that sets the tone for the album nicely. Although nothing here really gets the listener fired up and lairy, it’s all very well done nonetheless, with the piano/guitar interface working rather well throughout.There’s a couple of ballads to balance things out, and although they don’t quite hit the spot for me personally the vocals lift them to greater heights.

All in all, this is a solid debut that will win as many listeners as it loses due to the similarities to the aforementioned U.S band. The song quality is strong, though, and whatever you think about the originality, ‘Fragments’ shows that there is certainly a lot of promise to be seen in Blackdahlia.

Review by Alan Holloway