Blackdahlia – Fragments by Victoria Fenbane

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Areasonica Records
Released: 2013
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Blackdahlia – Fragments
Band line-up:

Samuela Fuiani – Vocals, Piano
Ruggero Doronzo – Guitars, FX
Gianluca Raio – Guitars
Antonio Petito – Bass
Ludovico Massariello – Drums


1. Falling Down
2. No Regrets
3. Eclipse
4. Wounds
5. Alice
6. Lost in the daylight
7. Fly
8. Goodnight


Gothic/Alternative band Blackdahlia formed in Foggia, Italy. They originally started out as an acoustic act in 2008 but quickly gather a full electric line up. Their debut album ‘Fragments’ is the result and was released in December 2013 on the Italian label Areasonica Records.

What immediately hits you about Blackdahlia is that they wear their influences on their sleeves. Opener ‘Falling Down’ has a strong Evanescence feel, while the next song ‘No Regrets’ leans more towards fellow Italians Lacuna Coil (what is it with Italian bands trying to like their most famous female fronted export?) but without the male vocal input. As the album progresses Blackdahlia’s own sound emerges and overall Fragments is a well-produced, confident piece of work.

Female fronted gothic-nu metal where the ‘nu’ element is maturely used to provide a fresh sound. Vocalist Samuela’s classical background is blended seamlessly with modern metal. Fragments turns out to actually be a lot mellower than the start of the album suggests, with the rest of the album consisting of emotion laden ballads such as ‘Lost in the Daylight’.

If you’re the kind of person who still purchases CDs you’ll be rewarded with a well presented booklet with all of the lyrics and very pretty artwork. Well worth a listen or check out their videos on YouTube.
A band to keep an eye on.

Review by Victoria Fenbane