Black Veil Brides – Set the World on Fire by Matt Seddon

A few years ago Bring me the Horizon where the most hated band in the rock/metal world, but recently in the past 2 years there have been one band who have got so much bad press it made Colonel Gaddafi look like a good guy. Black Veil Brides came out with an awful album in 2010.

We Stitch These Wounds was a poor attempt to break into the metal world with force, providing the emo world with some shocking slit wrist songs. Thankfully in 2011 Black Veil Brides have matured in their writing skills and released a pretty good album, jammed with catchy tunes which should have been present on their debut!

Presenting Set the World on Fire, where the songs that the band intended to be their singles are very good. On the album there are four tracks that really stand out for their musicianship, how well they are written, and most of all, how damn catchy they are. Tracks like ‘Fallen Angels’ and ‘The Legacy’ (Which were in fact the first 2 music videos off this album) both perfect examples of where Black Veil Brides have thought of songs that will automatically hook the listener and get them chanting, whether they are at a club, watching themselves live or sat at home doing the HW.

With their previous effort Black Veil Brides wanted to go for 97% look and 3% musical fusion. With Set the World on Fire, you can see that their writing and playing has improved, and they are not just creating songs to appeal to the scene kid or emo masses out there, but writing songs that incorporate styles of metalcore, glam rock, hard rock and even a hint of rock n’ roll to make Black Veil Brides seem really diverse on this album.

As good as these new tracks sound, the one main problem with Set the World on Fire, is that the songs that were not designated to become singles are either average or terrible and sound very similar. You would think that when you have tracks like the title track ‘Set the World on Fire’ and ‘Youth and Whisky’ which compliment Andy Biersack’s vocals and have killer guitar hooks, it’s hard to believe that Black Veil Brides ran out of ideas for basically the what is now filler on the album.

Black Veil Brides have proved to the world that when they put their mind to it, and actually put their heart and soul into the music they can deliver some terrifyingly great tracks that could get any person who calls them a rock fan screaming along to it.