Awakening from the bleak, hyperborean winter of 2015, Montreal black metal anarchists Funeste converged in the purest expression of artistic copulation; a coition that would later give rise to a chaotic, anguished, mind-fucking trip through a dissonant purgatory. 



Emerging from the womb in May of the same year, the newly born EP, entitled ‘Le Triomphe du Charnier’,  is a mystical exaltation that draws from inspiration and defined personal experiences from the duo of Léo F. (guitar and programmation) and Y. Panos (guitar, bass, vocals, production). Having yet to compose their music together in person – choosing instead to sculpt the songs independently within their own spheres of influence – they entwine their artistic idiosyncarises in an all-encompassing effort to create music that is as heartfelt as it is utterly devastating. It’s this dichotomy for which they strive… a war between that which is desirable, and that which is abhorrent – with abhorrence constantly one step ahead.

Né durant le rude hiver 2015, le duo de black métal montréalais Funeste sort en mai de la même année leur premier EP ‘le triomphe du charnier’. Tirant leur inspiration d’expériences personnelles, Funeste vise à créer de la musique à la fois sincère et dévastatrice. Léo F. (guitare et programmation) et Yannis P. (guitares, basse, voix, production), vivent dans la même ville mais ne se rencontrent jamais dans le but de composer. Les chansons sont sculptées indépendamment suivant leurs influences personnelles, expérimentant les styles et textures, afin de forger leur son viscéral et non conventionnel.

Think back to those early days of Leviathan and Xasthur – back to the early to mid-2000s. Now think how awestruck and floored you were by the sheer uniqueness of their music. Well, Funeste has taken that several giant steps further, creating a musical soundscape that is as beautiful as it is sickening. Combining dissonant black metal harmonies with crushing funeral doom-like riffing – add to that the monstrous, blood-curdling roar of vocalist Yannis P. – and you are left with one of the most highly-anticipated and unique bands in a very long time.”

“… as soon as the Moon synths and Xasthur-esque dissonant guitars on ‘Le Triomphe du Charnier’ start to carve a path into your mind, things start to get spacey, even psychedelic, before developing into a strikingly emotional passage that could give Opeth a run for their money.” – Cvlt Nation

“… if you were looking to fall asleep in in the arms of complete terror, please lay down and try not to close your eyes.” – Tape Wyrm Metal

Y. Panos – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Programmation
Léo F. – Guitar, Programmation

1. Le Triomphe du Charnier
2. Diptera
3. Le Passager Invisible
4. Hilkhot Avodat Kokhavim

Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Behold The Arctopus)

#3 Le Passager Invisible
#4 Hilkhot Avodat Kokhavim

Photos by Léo F.