Black Ice AC/DC, Album Cover Review

Black Ice AC/DC: Columbia: 2008
Album Cover Review, by Sarah Clow

The ‘Black Ice’ artwork was designed by Joshua Marc Levy and I wanted to include this one here because I love the design layout and the fact that in almost every AC/DC album cover, Angus Young features somewhere on it, in this one, he is silhouetted and placed at the top centre of the design. I find that it is this that makes AC/DC, and their albums, so iconic to me.
There is also the fact I knew that this page would not be complete without at least a little bit of DC!!

I find the design quite intricate and the fact that Levy left it black and white, makes it a little easier to read, by leaving the bands name red makes it iconic of their main logo, it also puts the intricate design to the back, so that the name stands out.
The album was released with three special editions; as well as the one with the red logo, there was copies with yellow, blue and white text. The red is most effective, but the white and blue were just as effective, I found the yellow one a bit too bright on the black background.

I was lucky enough to be able to contact Levy when I was researching this cover for my A To Z coursework last year and he told me that he is a big AC/DC fan and was honoured to work for them.