Black Faith – Nightscapes

Rating: 4.5/5
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Released: 2017
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Band Line-up:

Snarl – Vocals/Lead Guitars
Hyakrisht – Drums
Attar – Rhythm Guitars


1. Obsecratio
2. Culmination Of Injustice
3. Intermezzo
4. Never Eternal
5. In Total Disgust
6. Throwback!
7. The Shadow Line
8. These Corridors Spurt Blood
9. Nightscapes
10. Conscacrabor
11. Outro


To begin with I have had a very hard time starting to review this album as it is almost impossible to find out who is actually IN the band. Apparently someone called Acheron did the Bass and backing vocals but it doesn’t show on much of their social media or bloody well anywhere so I am going to have to leave the band line-up as is for now. They also seem to have had a very interesting career, starting in 2004 just doing covers, leading to several releases through various labels. Enough to do your head in as it where so anyway let’s just focus on this, their latest….Nightscapes.

For a change I’m not going to bother giving you all a blow by blow description of each and every song, because that will save us both a lot of snoring. What I will do is give you, the reader, a general idea of what to expect should you choose to purchase said album.

We already know we hate Christ, and humanity, and all that goes with it. Well, if you think you hate the aforementioned  guess what, these guys hate them MORE. A brilliant mix of Black/Thrash will convince you of this if you are so worthy. Vocals are brutal to say the least, a bit monotone at times but certainly getting the message across in no uncertain terms. There is also a part of the album that may be more understandable if you speak Italian, did I forget to mention that’s where Black Faith are from? Italy duh..probably did but who cares. This is some good shit.

Got the idea? feel like banging your head really hard against an effigy of Our Lord and Saviour? Feel the need to run around the street finding the local God Bothering folk and ruining their day? Then this album is for you. Standout track would have to be Throwback – almost has a Crust/Punk feel to it, and also includes the words “Hell, War and Satan” so how can you go wrong!

Honourable mentions go to “These Corridors Spurt Blood” for the imagery and being the sort of song that should be in a horror movie, and also the Outro, just plain creepy.

Fark yes. Just do it.

Review by The Great Mackintosh