Black Dahlia Murde @ O2 Islington Academy, London

September 20th 2013
Review by Becky Brown
Photography by Graham Hilling

Walking into the packed out venue, I already knew that the crowd were in for a good show! It didn’t take long for the atmosphere to get hyped and for the drinks to start flowing. You could hear with every passing minute as the venue got louder, filling up with fans of tonight’s bands The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocations and Aborted.

Revocations shook the whole venue with a loud impact of bass, waking everyone up and making sure that all eyes were on them, they definitely got our attention.

black d m index_clip_image002_0018
As soon as they started playing there was movement within the crowd and instant circle pits which continued all night.
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The boys set a high standard for the evening, showing us that we are in for one heavy night.
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As Revocations ended, calm came over the audience as we waited for the next band to march on stage and blow us away.

Aborted were up next, delayed by sound issues.

black d m index_clip_image010_0000
I’d never heard of Aborted before so I couldn’t wait to hear something new and exciting.

black d m index_clip_image012_0000
As soon as the sound issue was sorted the band woke everyone up and I was definitely not let down and what hit my ears blew me away – the wait was so worth it.
black d m index_clip_image014_0000
black d m index_clip_image016_0000
The crowd ripped each other up as the boys played perfectly, their rhythm so in sync with the crowd, the enthusiasm rising with each song.

black d m index_clip_image018_0000
Aborted, you have gained yourself a fan!

Everyone was well and truly pumped for the main band tonight, Black Dahlia Murder, and as soon as Aborted were finished you could see the suspense in the crowd as we waited.

black d m index_clip_image020_0000
As soon as the boys walked on stage, the screams and cheers of the crowd filled the room.

black d m index_clip_image022_0000
When the first strum of a guitar hit us, and the kick of drums began to fill the room, it took you to another level.

black d m index_clip_image024_0000
They opened up their set with a track from their new album “In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me”. Everyone already pumped up from the amazing bands before, just cheered even louder and the whole room was moving and circle pits opened up the floor.
black d m index_clip_image026
As they moved onto the next well known track ‘ Goats Of Departure’, a huge roar went through the room and they played it amazingly, hitting every single note and making the crowd do fucking circle pits, and we did not disappoint., you could not be anywhere without being hit, pushed or shoved within this crowd. A sign of a great show.
black d m index_clip_image028
As the night went on the songs only got heavier and harder, and the pits became more brutal.
They brought it to a high with some great tracks such as ‘ Moonlight’ and ‘ Everblack’. Front man Trevor Strand managed between songs to express how happy they were to be here and it only spurred the crowd on.

While the guys were kicking arse a random, brave guy jumped on stage and jumped off into the crowd, clearly either drunk or a huge fan, and the crowed roared with excitement. Security were not amused, but the band just laughed along with the crowd and played through it.

black d m index_clip_image030
This was my first time experiencing Black Dahlia Murder and I am blown away. They definitely kicked ass and showed us what they are made of. Great atmosphere and great show guys. Ill absoultely be at the next one.

Set lis:
• In hell
• Goat of Departure
• Everything went
• Seas
• Statutory Ape
• Phantom Limb
• Moonlight
• Funeral Thirst
• Close Casket
• Raped in hatred
• Everblack
• Necropolis
• Deathmask
• I will return
• Map of scars