The dictionary definition of “Crone” is an old woman. A hag archetype.  In some stories she is disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with supernatural associations. In others she is magical and symbolizes the last aspect of the Triple Goddess and the end of a cycle. She represents a rite of passage into an era of wisdom, strength, freedom and personal power

Tairrie B


Throughout her career, Tairrie B. Murphy has delved deeply in to the dark places of the world, continually fuelling her development as a multi-faceted and mercurial maven and artist. Having spent the last 20 years screaming in underground metal bands, starting with the seminal rap-metal heavyweights Manhole and ultimately leading her to the mighty molten My Ruin which she has fronted for the past 15 years and shares with husband/guitarist Mick Murphy, her passion for music has always run deep. In 2015, Tairrie B is still as outspoken as ever and her new album is proof she has honed her skills as both lyricist and producer. Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying she has bravely paved the way for more than a few women in the rock world as well as hip hop today.


Tairrie B rap


A Los Angeles native and West Coast woman at heart, Tairrie started her music career signed to Eazy E’s Comptown Records label in 1990. Her pioneering debut album “The Power of a Woman” was truly in a class of its own upon arrival and took everyone by surprise at the time. The album, which was executive produced by Tairrie along with hip hop luminaries Quincy (QD3) Jones Jr and Philly rapper Schoolly D, saw singles, “Murder She Wrote” and “Swingin’ Wit T” both placed in the upper echelons of Billboard’s Hot Rap Trax with video airplay on Yo! MTV Raps however, the world was not yet ready for a white girl rapper with more attitude than some of her male counterparts associate with her label. Following an epiphanic moment witnessing hip hop legend Ice T perform with his metal band Body Count, she felt a new, more hardcore calling and decided to change her path.

Indeed it was Tairrie’s need to follow her own artistic instincts that led to her parting ways with Eazy E. With respect, she was nobody’s protégé and had her own ideas.

Between 1999 and 2013 those artistic instincts brought 9 critically acclaimed cathartic doom-laden albums with My Ruin, each one more brutal than the next, along with a devoted worldwide underground cult following. Tairrie had once again become the pioneer, leading the way for women to carve out their careers in the traditionally testosterone fuelled world of metal. Rap’s original “Ruthless Bitch” had risen like the proverbial phoenix and was reborn as rock’s first and foremost “Scream Queen.” Then In 2014, following the success of My Ruin’s most recent album “The Sacred Mood”, came the news that the LA band would embark upon what would be their final tour in the U.K. A triumphant run of shows which for many, felt like the end of an era but for Tairrie, marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

In January 2015, while celebrating her 50th birthday, Tairrie revealed that she had quietly recorded her first solo rap album in over 20 years. “Vintage Curses”, set for release on the 14th of August 2015 is a dark and witchy journey back to her hip hop roots with a classic old school West Coast influence.



“Beware The Crone” is the first single from the forthcoming long awaited album “Vintage Curses” accompanied by a lyric video and official video (Directed by Tairrie) soon to follow on 6.15.15. The track was co-produced by The Covenant (Tairrie B, Mick Murphy & Josh Lynch from Weapons of Mass Production) and can be downloaded for FREE @ or Tairrie’s new which officially launches 8.15.15 ♑.

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