Ben Draiman – The Past Is Not Far Behind by Renata Lino

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Ben Draiman Music –
Released: 2012
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Band line-up: all instruments by Ben Draiman









Track listing:

  1. Soon Enough
  2. Avalanche
  3. 21 Seconds
  4. Would You Know Love
  5. Overcome
  6. Take For Granted


Melodic rock is that genre of music that no artist can reinvent – the formula is what it is and you’re left with two options regarding the outcome of each artist’s combination of elements: you either like it or not. In Ben Draiman’s case, that outcome sounds pretty good, the strongest elements being the touch of the piano and the strength and deep emotion of his voice.

“The Past Is Not Far Behind” is a six-pack of ballads very pleasant to the ear. The first track “Soon Enough” seems to be Draiman’s favorite, as a video was made for it (nothing fancy, just some studio footage, but still a promotional video). The choice was probably right, given the hopeful message, the striking piano chords and the heartfelt chorus. “Taken For Granted” would have done the trick as well, having an equally strong composition but a more upbeat rhythm, the electric guitar more lively.

Were the goal the softer side of the listener, then “Would You Know Love?” or “Overcome” would hit the bullseye, the first having an acoustic guitar as main foundation, the second with a cello enhancing the sadness in such a beautiful way.

And then there are the lyrics, the right words telling stories that anyone can relate to and therefore will rejoice in singing along. So if melodic soft rock is your cup of tea, you might want to take a sip from what’s inside this teapot.

Review by Renata Lino