Belladonna – And There Was Light, by Jo Blackened

Luana Caraffa – vox
Dani Macchi – gtr
Licia Missori – piano
Tam Scacciati – bass
Mattia Mari – drums

1) Last Night I Died
2) Morning Star Blues
3) Stiletto
4) I Feel Life
5) My Sweet Nepenthe
6) You And I Are One
7) Song for Tania
8) Be my Star
9) The origin of all evil
10) Icarus Blues
11) Spirit Dancer
12) Sirens
13) Violet The Light
14) A Pyromantic Sonnet
15) Damn Your Love
16) And There Was Light
17) phosphorus rising
18) And there was Night
19) My forlorn flight
20) Ballerina

Belladonna are a female fronted emotionally-charged, soft rock band from Italy.
‘And There Was Light’ is a beautiful, easy listening album showing the uniqueness of this band.

The band are doing great and showing a fast following with over 1.000.000 music views alone on MySpace, and is no surprise seeing as they have done shows with Dita Von Teese at Erotica 07 in London, gigs with Scars On Broadway and even with Siouxsie & the Banshees aswell as performances at the Dubai International Film Festival.

Whilst the band were back in Italy, they played with some major acts like Nine Inch Nails, Mars Volta, Staind and Korn, just going on the strength of their first single off “The Noir Album”– the relentless rock noir tale of love/hate ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

In October they went back to L.A. to play a showcase at the Fonda Theater, and then to the UK – where Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson championed Belladonna by broadcasting the trackon his BBC radio show – with a sold-out headline show at The Garage in London!

In December 2010 the band released “Let There Be Light”; a single written in collaboration with English composer Michael Nyman and based on his “The Heart Asks Pleasure First”from the soundtrack of the Oscar-winning movie “The Piano”.
Michael Nyman himself plays piano on the track.

Although this album will not appeal to everyone or fans who like metal/rock fast or filled with aggression, this is still a band that deserves to be heard and with so much support it is no doubt these guys will go from strength to strength. This really is a great album and one that is great to listen to after a long day with calming and relaxing effects, so give it a try!